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Formatting a Thesis

Final copies of the thesis must adhere to these regulations. Failure to comply will result in delays in processing, and the student may incur additional expenses in producing a document acceptable to the corresponding Academic Unit and to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


High quality white bond paper must be used throughout the thesis.

Typescript, Point Size, and Print Quality

  • The thesis must bem double-spaced, with the exception of footnotes and long quotations which may be single-spaced.
  • The entire thesis must be the same font and font size throughout, excluding Figures, Tables, Graphs, and Chapter Headings.
  • Font: Times, Times New Roman, Arial or Courier are recommended.
  • Print should not be smaller than 12 Pt. (points) or 10 cpi (characters per inch). Smaller font can be used for footnotes, graphs, formulas, and other additions to the text.
  • The footnote/reference method, pagination, and margins are to be consistent throughout the thesis.
  • The thesis is to be printed on one side of the paper only.


  • To allow for binding of the thesis, margins are to be 1.5 inches (3.9 cm) on the left
    • Please consult your unit with regard to any requirements for thesis binding
    • If there is not a requirement to bind the thesis, 1.0 inch margins may be used on the left
  • All other margins are to be one inch, including page numbers
  • Photo-reduction is suggested for over-margin pages of Tables or Figures.
  • Permitted page number positions, which must be consistent throughout the thesis:
    • Bottom right
    • Top right
    • Bottom centre 

Tables, Graphs, Maps, etc.

  • Graphs and other illustrations are to be placed on a separate sheet of paper situated immediately before or immediately after the page containing the text where it is discussed.
  • Illustrations that do not fit on a standard page size are to be avoided. Maps, suitably folded, may be placed in an envelope attached to the inner side of the back cover. Original copies (black ink) are to be included with the first copy of the thesis. A high quality photocopy is also acceptable.
  • Coloured figures in the body of the thesis should include a bracketed insertion below the Figure specifying them, which should be original in colour. Colour should only be used where it is absolutely necessary.
Oversize Pages
  • It is recommended that these pages be avoided. In instances that an oversize graph or other illustration must be used, it is to be folded to the size of the standard sheet. The fold must not extend to the full width of the page in order to leave room for binding.