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Preliminary Pages

Preliminary pages must appear in this order, as per Table of Contents.


  • is a concise and accurate summary of the thesis
  • may not exceed two (2) double spaced pages
  • should include a statement or brief description of the problem, the methods or procedures followed in its solution, and important conclusions or results
  • must not contain tables, graphs or illustrations
  • should summarize the thesis emphasizing what has been accomplished through research efforts
  • should contain keywords that will facilitate automated information retrieval
  • must be the only abstract in the thesis


  • must not exceed a single double spaced page and must be included with the initial copy of thesis submitted for defense
  • reference to scholarships, teaching assistantships or research awards, and other sources of financial aid contributing to the study must be stated
  • acknowledge the extent to which assistance has been given by members of staff, fellow students, data technicians, editors, and/or others
  • recognize the supervision and advice given by your supervisor and committee members
  • acknowledge colleagues with whom you have written journal articles
  • a dedication page may be included after the Acknowledgements

Note: All funding from the FGSR office must be acknowledged as funding through The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


  • should be used to recognize the support of others who have aided indirectly in the completion of the work
  • is a personal rather than an academic recognition

Table of Contents

Every thesis must have a Table of Contents.
Formatting Requirements:

  • single page wide column
  • page numbers right-aligned
  • leader lines (dots) connecting the entries with their page numbers
  • a page number for each entry
  • entries in the order given on this website
  • do not put the word "page" in front of the page number
  • subheadings should be indented more than main headings, and third-level headings should be indented more than subheadings, etc.

List of Tables & Figures

  • follow the Table of Contents
  • each list must include the number of the Table or Figure, the title, and the page or pages on which each appears
  • only the first letter of the first word in each title is to be a capital
  • each list should be numbered consecutively
  • if frequent reference is made to the Figures, etc., in the text, then a decimal classification, using Arabic notation, should be used. For example, Figure 5.3 would refer to the third figure in the fifth chapter.
  • each entry must have leader lines (dots) between entry and page number
  • the list must start at the top of a new page

Note: The pages containing the Abstract through the Lists of Tables and/or Figures are numbered consecutively, using Roman numerals placed at the bottom center of the page. The titles of Tables, Figures and Illustrations must be the same in the lists as given in the text. The Title Page is not numbered.