Academic Integrity Checklist

In order to ensure that you have adhered to the university's policies regarding academic integrity please work through the following checklist:

  1. I fully understand my instructor's requirements for group and individual assignments (when in doubt always ask).
  2. There is no section or component of my assignment, paper or research report that I do not understand (if you do not understand your own work it is, therefore, not in your own words, and has been plagiarized).
  3. I have kept my research notes, lab-sheets, outlines and early drafts (you may be asked to provide these to your instructor).
  4. My direct quotations have quotation marks (both opening and closing) and are fully referenced.
  5. All ideas used from other sources include citations.
  6. The reference entries in my bibliography/works cited/reference list corresponds with every idea/quote I have used.
  7. I have checked my work against my notes to be sure I have correctly referenced all direct quotes or borrowed ideas.
  8. Apart from material that is a direct quotation, everything else is in my own words.
  9. In paraphrasing the work from others I put the complete idea into my own words and did not just change a few words.
  10. I have checked all citations for accuracy (i.e. page numbers, dates, web page addresses).
  11. I have asked an instructor/TA/Librarian about how to include any material I was unsure how to document.
  12. I have used one recognized Reference Style (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago etc.) consistently throughout my paper/work.
  13. I have accurately and completely described any data or evidence I have collected.
  14. I have kept my work to myself and did not share answers/content with others, unless otherwise directed by my instructor.
  15. This is the first time I have submitted this material for a course.