An application fee applies to all new applicants. This includes application to a Ph.D. or a second Master's degree program by a student who has received a Master's degree through the University of Regina, irrespective of whether the student had paid an application fee for the previous degree. The current fee is $100 (Cdn funds)  for domestic and international applicants.



A reinstatement fee (refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research fee schedule) is charged to students applying for reinstatement to a program. This fee is waived in the case of students who voluntarily withdraw due to illness or injury.


Change in Route/Focus

A change in route/focus fee of $50 (Cdn funds) will be charged to students requesting a change in route/focus of the program in which they are currently registered and includes: thesis, project, practicum, course and co-op routes as well as changes from M.Eng. (project) to MASc (thesis) or for MEd regarding a focus change.



Tuition fees cover courses taken, research/seminar hours, student activities, materials and services. Master’s students pay for all formal course work taken regardless of level and for a specified number of research/practica/seminar hours and maintenance of candidacy as may be required. Doctoral students pay a flat program rate per term until their program is complete.

An approved program may include additional hours beyond the minimum required for the degree. These hours are charged at the rates set by the Board of Governors of the University. All fees are subject to revision at any time. Please consult the website for current fees.

  1. The cost of auditing a course is 50% of normal course tuition. Students who formally withdraw will receive refunds according to the policies set by the university.
  2. Students who are funded by FGSR may have fees deducted in installments by making arrangements with Financial Services.
  3. Students who terminate their study programs and withdraw from the University will receive refunds according to the policies set by the University.

Senior Citizens' Tuition Waiver 

Please refer to the Registrar's Office FAQ for Senior's Tuition Waiver.


Tuition and Fee Adjustments

A request from the student, to drop one, several, or all courses is a withdrawal. If submitted by pre-determined deadlines for the part of term, a full or partial refund is automatically credited to the student’s account. Withdrawals resulting from circumstances beyond the student’s control, outlined in Application for Adjustment of Fees below, may be eligible for an additional fee adjustment, which must be formally requested by the student. (Note: students who encounter such circumstances should consult their faculty or college immediately about all the options that may be available).

Adjustment of Tuition and Fees. Students are responsible for consulting the Academic Scheudle each term to familiarize themselves with these deadlines. Students may also check UR Self-Service (My Refund Schedule) or the Class Refund Scheudle to view the dealines that are specific to the classes in which they have registered for each term or part of term.

Automatic Adjustment for Registration Changes. There are three drop deadlines each term:
Deadline 1: 100% adjustement of tuition, mandatory term-based fees, and mandatory course-based fees.
Deadline 2: 50% adjustment of tuition, All other mandatory fees are not adjusted.
Deadline 3: No adjustement of tuition or other mandatory fees.

Application for Adjustment of Tuition and Fees. Students who withdraw from one or more courses after the 100% deadline period may be eligible for an adjustment of tuition based on teh portion of the term they were unable to attend for any of the following reasons: Serious illness or accident; Death or serious illness of an immediate family member; Hospitalization as a result of serious illness or accident; or Involuntary job transfer. Mandatory term-based fees and mandatory course-based fees are not adjusted.

The date used to calculate the adjustment will be the date the student withdrew on UR Self-Service or the date the withdrawal request was received in writing from the student unless the student ceased attending classes which is supported by a documented date (for example - the date of hospitalization).

Adjustment for tuition for classesin Part of Term 1 are as follows:

Withdrawal in:
Week 3: 77% Week 7: 46% Week 11: 15%
Week 4: 69% Week 8: 38% Week 12: 8%
Week 5: 62% Week 9: 31% Week 13: 0%
Week 6: 54% Week 10: 23%

Adjustment of tuition for classes in other parts of term are prorated proportionately to the days in teh part of term.

A one-time adjustement of tuition may be possible when a student has made a registration error. Mandatory term-based and mandatory course-based fees are not adjusted. There will be no further fee adjustments for any subsequent errors.

Students are not normally liable for tuition or fees incurred as the result of a registration error by a University staff member. Students should ensure that they receive and keep a record of any registration or registration change made on their behalf, as they may be required to produce it.

Requests for adjustments are to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office on an Application for Tuition Adjustment which must include supporting documentation. Supporting documentation is required, as described on the form.

The University reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any supporting documentation that has been submitted.

The deadline for application is one calendar year from the end of the term for which the adjustment is requested.

Students may make a written appeal to the Registrar with respect to the outcome of their application for an adjustment of tuition. The Registrar's decision is final.

A credit balance resulting in an adjustment is retained on the student account unless: the student makes a request to the Financial Services Office to release the funds. Refunds are processed as credits back to the method the original payment was made (i.e. Credit card, Flywire, cheque); fees were paid by third-party sponsors, fees paid by the sponsor would be disbursed directly to the sponsor; or fees were paid by Canada Student Loan.

International Surcharge. All students studying on a valid Study Permit will be charged an International Surcharge each term (refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research fee schedule).  Any change in immigration status will take effect in the next term starting after the effective date of the change of status.