Registration Regulations and Procedures


General Regulations

It is the student's responsibility to be familiar with the registration requirements in order to remain in good standing.

  1. Formal acceptance by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is required before a student may register in any graduate level course.
  2. Students must register online, or through the FGSR office, regardless of whether the course level is undergraduate or graduate. Academic advising is recommended and contact names are available at your Faculty or Department website (consult out list of links to all departments).
  3. Students may not attend courses for which they are not registered.
  4. Graduate students may not be enrolled in two programs at once, or jointly registered at the graduate and undergraduate level.
  5. Students will normally register in the first academic session following admission, but offers of admission are valid for one year unless specified otherwise. If necessary, a revised deadline date can be sought by the student through the academic unit.
  6. Registrations must be in accordance with the student’s approved (or officially amended) degree program.
  7. Masters students who are accessing university resources are normally to be registered for a minimum of 3 credits or billable hours in any given term. In exceptional cases, FGSR may grant a Masters student permission to register for fewer hours. PhD students must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours or billable hours each term. For all graduate students the maximum course load is 12 credit hours per term; students must request special permission to take more than 12 credits in a term to a maximum of 15.
  8. Faculty regulations require that domestic Master’s students register on an annual basis. No more than two terms may elapse between registrations.
  9. Students enrolled in the Master of Public Policy (MPP) must be registered full-time each term until completion of the MPP program, including the term in which the defense is held.
  10. All Doctoral students must register full-time each term until completion of the PhD program, including the term in which the defense is held.
  11. International students must register every term. Full-time in fall and winter terms, and minimally part-time in the spring/summer term.
  12. Students who are funded by FGSR must be registered according to the Terms of Reference of the scholarship they have been awarded.
  13. As a special case situation, undergraduate students in their final 15 hours of a 4-year undergraduate degree, or a second undergraduate degree, may request approval to enrol in one graduate level course with the concurrence of the corresponding Department Head/Program Chair, Dean and the Dean of FGSR. This option should be reserved for academically exceptional students. Registration for these students is processed in the FGSR office.
  14. Graduate students register in courses, seminars, and thesis/internship/project/practicum research hours until their programs are complete. Students who have completed the credit hour requirements of their programs, but who have not defended or completed their thesis/project/practicum must register as required to maintain candidacy.
  15. Post program students register in GRST 995AA for full-time and GRST 995AB for part-time, or GRST 996AA (full-time) or GRST 996AB (part-time) for students on extension. Master’s students not accessing university resources but need to maintain their student status can register in GRST 999 (part-time) which is billed at the equivalent of 1.5 credit hours.
  16. Once a registration in any of the maintenance courses (GRST 995AA, GRST 995AB, GRST 996AA, GRST 996AB) has occurred, the student must have a GRST registration in any term thereafter. Ph.D., and MPP students may only register in GRST 995AA and are required to do so each term up until and including the term in which the defense is held.
  17. A student must be registered in the term in which the thesis, project, practicum, or exhibition is examined. Students who are program complete must register in GRST 995AA (full-time) or GRST 995AB (part-time) as appropriate.
  18. A student must ensure that registration in maintenance reflects appropriate status (full-time or part-time) in order to comply with regulations regarding student loans, Revenue Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and scholarship eligibility.
  19. To be eligible to use University facilities (office space, library, computing services) in a given term, students must normally be registered.

Registration for Program Courses

All courses taken must be relevant to the student’s graduate program.

Students are to check the timetable for the list of courses that are offered. Students are to register only for those courses of the prescribed program as defined in the FGSR Academic Calendar, or as specified in the letter of admission.

Thesis research (901)

Students undertaking research for a thesis must register for thesis research hours as appropriate.

The minimum aggregate number of term hours of thesis credit varies for different programs. Please refer to your specific program.

The section numbers for research hours are linked to individual supervisors. Students are to register in the appropriate section.

Registration for Courses Outside of the Program

Special permission must be obtained prior to registration for any additional course(s).

Permission to register in courses outside the prescribed program requires a demonstration of relevance to the program of study and is subject to the approval of the department head and the Dean of FGSR.

Permission must be sought prior to registration in the course.

Directed Reading/Special Topics Courses

Registration in non formalized courses such as Directed Reading/Special Topics courses of variable content and credit requires a special form. These courses need to be catalogued and then timetabled each term, so timely decisions are required. Please refer to your academic unit.

Dropping or Adding Courses

A student who wishes to drop or add a course should consult his or her supervisor or academic unit. A student who discontinues a course without official withdrawal, or who drops a course after the eighth week of a regular term, is marked as having failed the course.

Payment of Fees

No registration is considered to be complete until the student has paid, or arranged to pay, the assessed fees through Financial Services.

Proxy Registration

Students who wish another person to register for them or make changes to their registration must provide their proxy with written, signed permission to act on their behalf. The note of authorization will be retained by FGSR.

Circumstances Beyond the Control of the University

The University of Regina accepts no responsibility for the continuance of any course of instruction which may not be completed as a result of an act of God, fire, riot, strikes, lock-out or any cause beyond the control of the University.

Course Requirements

Up to half the course work in a graduate program may consist of non formalized Directed Readings/Special Topics courses. Therefore, at least half the program must be comprised of stand-alone or integrated courses.

No single instructor, including a supervisor or co-supervisor, may teach more than 50% of the course work in a student's program.

Some programs allow a senior undergraduate course to be credited in a master’s program. At the doctoral level, undergraduate courses may not normally form part of the primary program requirements and will be considered as courses of secondary importance or courses additional to the program upon recommendation of the Department Head/Program Chair and final approval of the Dean of FGSR. Rationale is to be included.

Master's students who are accepted in the qualifying category will do more course work than the program minimum.

Fully-qualified students may wish to take more than the required minimum hours in order to make full use of available courses or research facilities. Permission to register in courses outside the prescribed program requires a demonstration of relevance to the program of studies and is subject to approval by the head of the academic unit and the Dean of FGSR prior to registration.

Graduate students may obtain permission to audit courses. Auditing students may attend lectures, but may otherwise participate in classes only to the extent permitted by the instructor. The deadline for students to change from credit to audit or audit to credit is the add/drop deadline. Once course maximum per term may be requested.


Registration Status

A student's status will be determined as follows:


  • registration in GRST 995AJ
  • registration in 6 credit hours or more in a term;
  • registration in a Psychology internship course (PSYC 876-879, PSYC 880AA, PSYC 880AB);
  • registration in any JSGS internship course (JSGS 850AA-ZZ);
  • registration in any Co-operative Education/Work Term course (ARTS 601, ARTS 602, CS 601, 602, ENGG 601, 602, GBUS 801, 802, 803, MBA 801, 802, 803);
  • registration in GRST 995AA for post program for students who have completed course and other program credit hour requirements, but have not finished writing or defending the thesis/project/practicum;
  • registration in GRST 996AA, for students who have received approval for an extension;
  • registration in the last requirements of a graduate program (e.g. just have one course remaining); and who will otherwise be engaged in thesis research/writing. These students register in the required credit hours, but registration must be for a minimum of 3 credit hours. Students in this category must contact FGSR who will notify Financial Services to adjust their Income Tax (T2202) form.


  • registration in less than 6 credit hours in a term;
  • registration in GRST 995AB for post-program students using university facilities;
  • registration in GRST 996AB, for students who have received approval for an extension;
  • registration in GRST 999 (non-resident maintenance) for students not using university facilities.

Registration normally must be for a minimum of 3 credit hours for students who have credit hours remaining on their program.


International Students and Registration

All international students on student visas/study permits are required by Canadian Immigration to be students in good standing which is defined by the University of Regina. Doctoral students must be registered full-time in each term. Master's students must be registered full-time in the fall and winter terms and minimally part-time in the Spring/Summer term. Three credit hours does not meet the definition of full-time registration unless these credit hours pertain to the last requirements of the program.


Scheduled Breaks
Spring/Summer may be a scheduled break for graduate students in Masters and Post-Graduate Diploma programs only (all registration regulations still apply). This does not apply to PhD or MPP students who must be registered full time in every term.

Maintenance of Candidacy

Students who have completed the credit hour components of their program of studies, but have not completed all of the formal approved degree requirements (e.g., written thesis, project/practicum/report and defense), are to register in one of the following:

GRST 995AA Full-time Maintenance of Candidacy
GRST 995AB Part-time Maintenance of Candidacy

Please note that in order to use University facilities and resources (e.g., computer labs, libraries, faculty, etc.), students must be registered. Registration in full- or part-time Maintenance of Candidacy is on a term basis and allows for facility use during that time. 

Registration in Non-resident Maintenance of Candidacy is meant for students who do not require the use of university facilities or resources. Non-resident Maintenance of Candidacy merely establishes that the student is a graduate student.

GRST 999 Non-resident Maintenance of Candidacy

Once a student has registered in any of the maintenance courses (GRST 995AA, GRST 995AB, GRST 996AA, GRST 996AB), they must register in a GRST 995 or 996 class every subsequent term in which they are registered (regardless of whether permission is obtained to do a course outside of the program).

PhD Students
PhD students may only register in GRST 995AA.

Non-Thesis Completion Form
A Non-Thesis Program Completion Form is required upon successful completion of the project/practicum/report after the final grade has been submitted and approved. Upon final grade approval and the program completion form being received in FGSR the student will have been deemed to have met this requirement of his/her program.

UR Self Service Online Registration

Please note that online registration does not prevent students from registering in courses that do not apply to a degree program or adding inappropriate courses to their academic record. Should a student register in non-applicable course work, FGSR will not entertain inclusion for degree credit nor become involved in a processes for adjustment. Some academic units require that a student consult prior to registration.

  • Student Identification Number
    To use web registration you need a personal identification number and a registration access code (or password). Your student identification number is the nine-digit student number that you receive when you are admitted to the University of Regina. Your password is your birth date or an alternative that you have chosen. You must use these to access UR Self-Service.

    Please access UR Self-Service and update your current information (i.e. address) before registering for classes each term.
    • You have been admitted as a graduate student
    • You have not been required to discontinue or have not voluntarily discontinued;
    • You do not have a hold on their account (i.e. owe money to the University, have a leave)
  • Eligibility to Register
    A Graduate Student is eligible to register if:
    Students who have been required to discontinue must apply for re-instatement.

  • Academic Advising and choosing courses
    Academic advising is recommended for graduate students and is the responsibility of the student's academic unit. A list of contact names can be found on the web site

    Students should check the timetable on UR Self-Service to see which courses are offered. Students are reminded to register only for courses in the prescribed program as outlined in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Academic Calendar or as specified in the letter of admission. Special permission must be obtained prior to registration for any course that does not fit the program.

    Students who take elective courses from other disciplines should ensure that they have the appropriate background. Students who register inappropriately will face withdrawal and associated academic and financial penalties so it is wise to check in advance.
  • Advance Permission
    On occasion, advance permission is needed in order to register for a section where there are pre-requisites, program, faculty or other registration restrictions.

    We are anticipating that your academic unit will grant advanced permission and assign that to you for relevant courses in a given term. Please ensure the course is relevant to your program.

    Advance Permission does not guarantee that you will be registered or that space will be available but only allows you to bypass the registration restrictions online.
  • Hours of Registration or Access to the System
  • Online registration provides extended hours of service (24 hours a day, seven days a week), closed only for regular system updates and maintenance.

    In person registration at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is conducted from 8:00 to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless otherwise posted.
  • Late Registration
    A late registration fee applies to students who register after the add/change courses date.
  • Procedures for online registration
    • Select the appropriate term and click submit.
    • You must know the CRN numbers for classes you want to add/drop or replace. For information on course content, please check the calendar description. For information on schedule and CRN numbers please check the schedule on line in UR Self Service on the web.
    • Add class is the default registration option, if you would like to drop a class or replace a class, click on the appropriate choice under registration options.
    • Click submit.
    • A message will display indicating whether you have added/dropped/replaced the class or an error dialog box will appear indicating the problem.
    • Click exit
  • Auditing Courses
    Application forms for Audit Registration are available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research or on the web and require the approval of the instructor of the course, which will not normally be given until the last business day before the start of the course. Some courses are not open to auditors and registration for audit cannot be completed online. Auditors may attend lectures, but may otherwise participate in classes only to the extent permitted by the instructor. Once registered, students appear on the class list and the audited courses appear on the transcript. Students who formally withdraw or cease attending receive a grade of AW; those who formally withdraw may be eligible for a refund of tuition.

    This form is submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Office for processing.
  • Withdrawal from a Course
    Within certain time lines, you may withdraw from a course online; otherwise contact FGSR to cancel your registration. There is a schedule of financial and academic consequences as follows:
    1. Prior to (the date is normally two weeks after classes start), you will receive 100% credit or refund of tuition & fees for the course and the course will be removed from your transcript.
    2. Prior to (the date is four weeks after classes start), you will receive 50% credit or refund of tuition for the dropped course but no refund of supplementary fees. The course appears on your transcript with a grade of W.
    3. Prior to ten weeks, you will not receive a refund of fees and the course appears on your transcript with a grade of W
    4. After ten weeks, the course appears on your transcript with a failing grade (WF)

    It is to your advantage to take the necessary actions as soon as you have made your decision to withdraw from a course. The system will use the date your withdrawal is effective (the date you complete the withdrawal transaction) as one factor in determining your grade of W or WF.

    You may drop courses online up to the deadline for withdrawing without a failing grade. Changes after the specified deadline, must be made in person at FGSR, by mail, fax or email. The latter methods must clearly indicate your full name, id number, program and which courses are to be added or dropped and you must sign any mailed or faxed copies.

    Students who do not formally withdraw are liable for the assessed tuition fees and receive failing grades.
  • Confirmation of Registration and Payment of Fees
    Once registered you can obtain a confirmation of registration and check for fees owing on UR Self-Service.
    The printer-friendly confirmation notice is designed to serve most purposes for which students need to prove that they are currently enrolled.

    Once fees are posted, they can be paid by Internet banking, Visa or MasterCard, by mail, by deposit in the Financial Services mail-slot or by payroll deduction for students who are employed or being supported through the University. For the latter category, students must complete a payroll deduction authorization form which is available from Financial Services.

Withdrawal from a class for reasons beyond the student's control
If an emergency situation prevents you from taking personal action to withdraw from courses prior to the dates specified, please e-mail the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at and please complete an Application for Tuition Adjustment in Extenuating Circumstances and/or Application for Grade Adjustment After Late Withdrawal or Retroactive Change in Extenuating Circumstances forms found on the Registrar's website,(Under the Medical Related and Other Special Forms section). Such situations include illness or accident; compassionate, involuntary job change, university error. Medical, compassionate or retroactive withdrawals in extenuating circumstances are available and appropriate documentation is required to support the request.

Identification Cards
Each student is required to have and carry a University photo identification card, which is needed to use the library and recreation facilities, and may be requested for admission to examinations and laboratories.

Photo identification cards are obtained from the Registrar's Office. Students must present a valid driver's license, passport, other official photo identification, or two pieces of identification with their signature. Student fees cover the cost of the initial card. Replacements are $10.

Changes of Name
Graduate students must provide supporting documentation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in order to have their name changed in University student records.
Application for a name change is made using a Change of Name form.