Graduate Scholarships & Awards

Queen Elizabeth II Centennial Aboriginal Scholarship


This scholarship was the province of Saskatchewan's gift to the Queen to commemorate the Centennial in 2005. The award will be made to Saskatchewan First Nations or Metis students graduating from a university in Saskatchewan, with preference given to students who have attended or graduated from the First Nations University of Canada, and who are pursuing graduate studies in any discipline at either the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan.

Area(s) of Study: Unrestricted
Value: $20,000; one OR may be split between equally deserving candidates

Applicant must:

  • be a student of First Nations or Metis heritage;
  • have graduated from a Saskatchewan university (preference given to students who have attended the First Nations Univeristy of Canada);
  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • resident in Saskatchewan for the duration of their graduate or post-graduate studies. Any research involving out-of-province fieldwork is only permitted by maintaining a principal residence in Saskatchewan;
  • be enrolled in graduate or post-graduate studies at either the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan for the upcoming academic year;
  • have an undergraduate degree in any discipline at the time of commencement of the scholarship; and
  • have applied for a thesis or project-based program. (NOTE - course-based program are not eligible).

Prefence will be given to students conducting STEM-related research (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and supports the Saskatchewan Growth Plan areas of study (i.e. Agriculture, Biotechnology, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, Nuclear Medicine and Science).

Student Status: Full-time

Application and Instructions:

In addition to the completed application form, applicants need to provide the following documents:

  • a one-page outline of your thesis or project topic or area of major research you intend to pursue for your graduate or post-graduate studies;
  • official up to date transcripts from ALL universities attended, including transcripts where you received transfer credit;
  • two signed Letter of Reference Forms (one for each reference), along with two letters of reference (see instructions at the link above); and
  • the completed application form for the Saskatchewan university where you have applied for your graduate or post-graduate studies.

If you will be pursuing Graduate Studies at the University of Regina, you MUST submit your application electronically to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at

Deadline: February 28