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Royal Canadian Legion Masters Scholarship in Veteran Health Research


Canada provides our military with the best training and equipment in the world, but we must also ensure that these soldiers return home with ample supports in place as they potentially face a "new battlefield" of challenges. These challenges may include physical and mental injuries, or social challenges as Veterans reintegrate into family and community life. These support systems must be based on research evidence from the best and brightest Canada has to offer.

To this end, The Royal Canadian Legion is proud to offer this annual entrance scholarship to a Master’s level student specializing in research related to Veterans and their families.

Area(s) of Study:
Value: $15,000 each year for two years
  • Be a student entering their first year of a full-time master’s program
  • Be doing research which has significant potential to improve the physical or mental health or well-being of veteran population, or their families
  • Demonstrate a high level of quality in proposed research methodology, and excellent analytical and writing skills
  • Exhibit significant potential for a high-impact research career in a relevant area

*Preference will be given to Canadian students studying at one of CIMVHR’s Member universities.

Student Status: Full-time

Apply online at:


Apply online at:

Deadline: August 5