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Wounded Warriors Doctoral Scholarship Military and Veteran Health Research


More Canadian research is needed to address the needs over the life course of those who serve or have served our nation and their families. (CIMVHR) and Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) have made a ten year commitment to Canadian scholarships that will ensure a lasting legacy for military and Veteran health research in Canada by training a future generation of researchers.

One scholarship will be awarded annually to a PhD student who demonstrates excellence in research issues relevant to military members, Veterans and families while also exhibiting significant potential for a high impact research career.

Area(s) of Study:
Value: $18,000 per year for two years
  • Be registered with a Canadian university, as a full-time doctoral student, or as a student in a combined MA/PhD, fast track program, having completed comprehensive examination(s) or equivalent.
  • Be doing research that considers the unique context of military service over the life course and that is of potential importance to improving the physical, mental health, or well-being of military, Veteran or other relevant populations and their families.
  • Have received ethics clearance from for their research from their respective university and/or the Social Science Research Review Board (SSRRB) if applicable

Research Impact:

Knowledge translation and exchange is strongly encouraged, like publishing research results from the Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation in peer review journals. The successful candidate will be expected to seek out opportunities to collaborate with other CIMVHR researchers on at least one publication related to their research area.

In order to maximize research Impact, CIMVHR is encouraging, wherever possible, emerging scholars to adopt the Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) principles, as well as use an intersectional lens in their methodologies.

The successful candidate is expected to

  • Meet wounded Veterans to ensure a better understanding of the impact of their work (facilitated by Wounded Warriors).
  • Complete a Progress Report Form at the end of Year 1. Year 2 funding is contingent on this report.
  • Submit an abstract to present research at CIMVHR's annual Forum in the final year of their PhD, and acknowledge CIMVHR and Wounded Warriors Canada as sources of funding.

Wounded Warriors Canada Doctorial Scholarship Expectations:

  • The successful candidate must remain in good academic standing with their university.
  • The successful candidate is expected to attend the Scholarships and Award Announcement at CIMVHR Forum 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Tuesday October 18, 2022, to accept their scholarship from the donor.
  • The successful candidate will meet Veterans to ensure a better understanding of the impact of military and Veteran health research (facilitated by Wounded Warriors).
  • At mid-point (September 2023), the successful candidate shall complete the online research progress report, together with their supervisor, to demonstrate that the research is feasible and remains aligned with the goals of the scholarship.
  • In the final year of the scholarship, the successful candidate shall submit an abstract proposal for peer review to present at the CIMVHR Forum. Note: Submissions do not guarantee a presentation at Forum as abstracts are double blind peer reviewed to ensure high-quality and credibility.
  • Upon completion of the scholarship (September 2024), the successful candidate shall complete the online final report, impact statement and lay summary together with their supervisor, which will be shared with Queen’s University Office of Advancement and the donor. Parts of the final report, impact statement and/or lay summary may be used in the CIMVHR Annual Report and on social media.
  • The successful candidate shall acknowledge CIMVHR and Wounded Warriors Canada as sources of funding in all presentations and publications related to the scholarship research.

The successful candidate is encouraged to submit an article to the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (JMVFH) upon completion of the scholarship.

Student Status: Full-time

Application form is available on the website listed below.


Submit application online at:

Deadline: August 5