Graduate Scholarships & Awards

FGSR - Graduate Scholarship Base Fund (GSBF)


Holders of these awards are required to be admitted as a fully-qualified student in a Master's or Doctoral degree program at the University of Regina.  PhD students must have a minimum of a first class average (equivalent to a minimum of 80%) at their previous institution. Master's students must have a minimum of 75% coming into their Master's and must maintain 80% throughout their Master’s program.  University of Regina Graduate Fellowship (URGF) and University of Regina Graduate Awards (URGA) offers will only be given with an offer of admission to a thesis-based graduate program and including MAP's MFA's & PhD's Thesis Project (Research Creation Students).

Area(s) of Study: Unrestricted
Value: Variable - see below

In Good Standing– Students must hold and maintain a minimum 80% average.  An incomplete and/or failing grade from the previous semester's work will render the student ineligible for support. Failure to continue to be fully eligible each semester while holding this scholarship, will require the scholarship to be canceled.

Post-Program Maintenance - Students who are, or will be, in post-program maintenance (ie. have completed all formal credit hour degree requirements in the program and therefore register in GRST995AA, AB) are NOT eligible for these funds.

Required - Grad Thrive Plus 800AA must be completed by the end of the first semester in which a student begins their program, in order to be eligible.  Failure to complete this by the end of their first semester will require the scholarship to be discontinued.

Registered Full-Time - Recipients of the UR Graduate Fellowships (URGF) and UR Graduate Awards (URGA) are required to be registered full-time in the semester in which the funding is to be received and, accordingly, are required to register in no fewer than 6 credit hours of course or thesis work pertaining to their program during the corresponding semester when there are outstanding, unfulfilled requirements (i.e. thesis or course credit) in their programs.  For students having between 3 and 5 credit hours of unfulfilled requirements remaining, this remainder will determine the number of credit hours in which they are obliged to register to qualify for funding.  All awardees are required to be registered full-time (for URGF and URGA) by the 5th day of the first month (January, May, or September) of the semester in which the award is to be paid, in order to meet payroll deadlines.

Part-time students may only be awarded UR Graduate Scholarships (URGS).  URGS awardees must also adhere to the registration dates above.

Program Changes - If a student wishes to change their route or program, the effected departments and faculty must agree on graduate funding.  Notification must be made to FGSR at the time of that change.

Holders of Major Awards (value of $17,500 or over) - Students who are holding major awards such as national scholarships, i.e. NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR are NOT eligible for URGF funds.  However, they are eligible for URGA and URGS funds.

Other Awards - URGF students may only hold other funding up to a maximum of $5,000.  This includes internal University of Regina scholarships. Exception: Students are allowed to apply for and hold travel awards.

Employment – There is no restriction on employment while holding this scholarship.

Please see the Terms of Reference for full information.

Student Status: Both
Citizenship: n/a

Each line faculty may determine the application and adjudication criteria against which they want to evaluate students, provided the students meet the minimum requirements, as described in the Terms of Reference listed above in Eligibility.  Please contact your faculty for full details.


Each line faculty may determine the number of awards and the amount of each award, subject to the total amount they are allocated from FGSR and the three (3) funding levels, outlined below:           

There are three funding levels.  Students may only hold one of the following awards:

1.     UR Graduate Fellowship (URGF)

       PhD URGF: A minimum of $20,000 per year, for up to four years

       Master’s URGF: A minimum of $10,000 per year, for up to two years

2.     UR Graduate Award (URGA)

       PhD URGA: A minimum of $10,000 per year, for up to four years

       Master’s URGA: A minimum of $5,000 per year, for up to two years

3.     UR Graduate Scholarship (URGS)

       URGS: At the academic unit’s discretion

Deadline: As determined by the Academic Unit--please check with your academic unit