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FGSR Women in STEM Entrance Scholarship


These scholarships are open to all faculties, to ensure any female STEM student may be nominated. Fully eligible students can be nominated by their faculty.  Applications by students are not required or accepted to FGSR. Please contact your faculty directly if you are a new student and wish to be nominated, only if you are fully eligible.

Area(s) of Study: Unrestricted
Value: $10,000


Qualifications:  Holders of these awards are required to be a fully-qualified graduate student who identifies as a woman.  Students must also be an entering student (be in their first semester) in a STEM discipline, in a Master's or Doctoral degree program.  Master’s & PhD students must have a minimum of a first class average (equivalent to a minimum of 80%) when they enter their program.

In Good Standing:  Students must hold and maintain a minimum 80% average.  An incomplete and/or failing grade from a previous semester's work will render the student ineligible for support. Failure to continue to be fully eligible and to remain in a STEM discipline in each semester while holding this scholarship, will require the scholarship to be discontinued.

Required:  Grad Thrive Plus 800AA must be completed by the end of the first semester in which a student begins their program in order to be eligible. Failure to complete this by the end of their first semester will require the scholarship to be discontinued.

Registered Full-Time:  Students are required to be registered full-time in the semesters in which the funding is to be received and accordingly, are required to register and remain in no fewer than 6 credit hours each semester while holding the award. All awardees are required to be registered full-time by the 5th day of the first month (January, May, or September) of the semesters in which the award is to be paid, in order to meet payroll deadlines.

Required Information:  Students must provide to their faculty a brief description as to their future plans of their intention to pursue a STEM-related career (3-4 sentences only).  For NON Science or Engineering faculties, students must provide their faculty with a brief description as to how their research is related to STEM (3-4 sentences only).  The faculty will provide this information to FGSR when STEM nominations are called for, twice per year.

Employment: There is no restriction on employment while holding this scholarship.


Each Women in STEM Entrance Scholarship is valued at $10,000.

Please see the Terms of Reference for full information.

Student Status: Full-time
Citizenship: N/A


NO APPLICATION IS REQUIRED.  Each Faculty may determine their own nominees to FGSR by confirming full eligibility, as noted above. 

Faculties will then provide full details on an excel spreadsheet (template provided by FGSR), with a list of 15+ fully eligible nominees in a RANKED order.  Please include a list of ranked Alternates also, in the event there are ineligible nominees or extra awards offered later in the year. 

Please note:  We understand most faculties will not have 15 eligible students to nominate for this award, so please forward all eligible students that you would like to nominate, in a ranked order, on the spreadsheet provided by FGSR.  

Nominations will be requested by FGSR twice per year (late winter and late summer), so as to include all potential incoming female STEM students.


FGSR will manage the final review, awarding, notification and payments of all Women in STEM Entrance students. The successful awardees will be paid out over 2 consecutive semesters ($5,000 per semester).

All FGSR Funding is subject to annual budgetary approval and up to the discretion of the Dean of FGSR.


The Associate Dean of each faculty must submit the ranked nominee spreadsheet electronically to

Please contact the Manager of Graduate Scholarships & Awards for further information at

Deadline: Nominations due to FGSR by NOON, Monday, February 28, 2022; a second round of nominations will be called for in August