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UR Docs Perceptive Content/Experience

UR Docs is a place where Faculty and Staff can view all student documents/files. It allows you to have quicker access to information pertaining to your students in a more structured and secure location. In the future it also has the capabilities to build further workflows for processes such as admissions and defenses.

All Graduate Students have now been successfully moved into the universities document management system UR Docs Perceptive Content.  Please note that the Faculty of Business is currently available only on the T drive.  UR Docs has been successfully implemented in the undergraduate level and FGSR is thoroughly enjoying the efficiencies our faculty and colleagues have gained.

Migrating to UR Docs took place in phases. Phase one involved moving all our current student files, accepted not registered files, and applications to the new system which is now complete. Phase two involved off campus access online for an easier way to view the information off site.  Phase two has now finished the testing phase for the online version and UR Docs Perceptive Experience is rolling out.

If you require access to UR Docs or the online Experience Version please ensure that your Faculty notifies the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research with staff changes and enter in a security request ticket through IT to gain security access.  Login information for both UR Docs and Perceptive Experience will be your Novell login and available through a desktop install on your computer (Perceptive Content) or an online link (Perceptive Experience).

Important Implementation Dates:

  • June 24-July 5, 2019 – Changes to the existing student files on T drive in preparation of migrating to new software
  • July 8-12, 2019 – Desktop installs to users in line faculties
  • July 2-5, 2019 – Configure UR Docs Production environment
  • July 8-17, 2019 – Move existing files from T drive to UR Docs and shake down testing of new system
  • Winter 2020 - Testing for the online version of UR Docs Perceptive Experience
  • March 2020 - Soft roll out of UR Docs Perceptive Experience (online version)

The Technology Learning Centre TLC (Education Building Room 548) offers UR Docs Content Navigation information sessions on the new software. If you are interested in attending, the sessions usually run Friday mornings offered weekly so be sure to check the upcoming courses listed on the TLC web page.  Please note that the online version of UR Docs mirrors the desktop version so training would be the same for both programs.

Training Manuals and Resources:

Helpful hint for accessing UR Docs Perceptive Experience:  you must download the FortiClient VPN in order to access Experience online.  The regular VPN portal will not run Experience.  Follow the instructions for the Tunnel Mode using IS's instructions found at and you will have it up and running in no time.

If you have any questions please email or