Categories and Roles of Internal Members

Internal members are faculty (as defined in Article 13.1 of the collective agreement) and instructors at the University of Regina and its affiliated colleges who hold a tenured, tenure-track, or term academic appointment. Professors Emeritus, Research Associates and Post-Doctoral Fellows at the University may also be internal members at FGSR. Accreditation for all levels of graduate supervision and teaching is only available to members with the appropriate education and experience.

Categories of Internal Members

The following table summarizes the roles that the different internal members can have in graduate supervision. In special cases, exceptions can be made by a request to FGSR (the procedure for this is the same as for the accreditation of external members).

It is also recommended that any member first supervise a Masters student to completion before undertaking the supervision of a PhD student. Departments are also encouraged to assign a mentor to professors who are supervising graduate students for the first time.

Graduate Teaching and Supervision Outside of a Member's Unit

Internal members of FGSR who are eligible to co-supervise students may co-supervise a student from any unit (but the student’s supervisor must be from the student’s unit). Similarly, FGSR members who are eligible to be members of a committee, may serve on committees outside of their unit.
To teach a graduate class outside of their unit an internal member must complete a “Request for FGSR Accreditation” form for each class. If an internal member plans to frequently teach graduate classes in another unit we recommend that they apply for an Internal Adjunct or Associate Membership. When a University of Regina member is granted Internal Adjunct or Associate Member in another unit, FGSR needs to be informed via email. A University of Regina faculty member who is an Internal Adjunct Member or an Associate Member of a unit other than their own, has the same level of accreditation in that unit as in their own unit.


Faculty Member
with PhD

Faculty Member
with Masters
Faculty Member with a
Masters or PhD with a
Term Appointment
Research Associate
or Post-Doctoral Fellow
or Emeritus Professor
Faculty Member or
Instructor with a
Professional Designation
Instructor or
Lab Instructor
with a Masters or PhD
PhD Student
Eligible Ineligible* Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible
PhD Student
Eligible Eligible Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible
Master Student
(thesis, project or
major essay)
Eligible Eligible Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible
Master Student
Eligible Eligible Eligible** Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible

Supervise Practicum,
Capstone Project or
Co-op Report

Eligible Eligible Eligible** Eligible Eligible Ineligible
Member of Examining
Eligible Eligible Eligible** Eligible Eligible Eligible

Teach Graduate

Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible

*Eligible only where the Faculty member belongs to a unit in which the terminal degree is a Masters but recent practice includes hiring PhDs and/or training PhD students, such as in the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance.

**The length of term will determine suitability for supervision, to be decided in consultation with the Dean of FGSR.