Nomination Procedures

Internal Members

Usually internal membership at FGSR will be granted to tenured, tenure-track and term appointments at the time of appointment. There is no need for internal members to apply for accreditation unless one of the follow situations apply:
  1. The member’s status changes (for example the member earns a new degree or professional designation).
  2. The internal member wishes to teach a course outside of their unit.
  3. There is some exceptional case not covered by the policy.
Nominations shall be made by the academic unit where the supervision is to occur. To nominate an internal member, the unit should submit a “Request for FGSR Accreditation” form and provide a current cv to FGSR.  For faculty members with term appointments, the length of appointment term will determine suitability to supervision of graduate students (the nominee’s term must be at least beyond the expected time required for the student to complete their program).
If a faculty member or instructor wishes to supervise or teach graduate classes outside of their unit of appointment on a regular basis, then the academic unit in which supervision is sought may choose to appoint the member as an Associate Member or Adjunct Faculty Member. A University of Regina faculty member who is an Adjunct Member or an Associate Member of a unit other than their own, has the same level of accreditation in that unit as in their own unit. The units will inform FGSR when a faculty member becomes either an Associate Member or an Adjunct member.

External Members

Adjunct Professor appointments are done at the unit level. Membership at FGSR will be granted at time of the appointment.

Nomination of other external members of FGSR is done by the unit in which the graduate supervision will occur. Applications should be sent to FGSR and include the following:

  1. A completed “Request for FGSR Accreditation” form.
  2. A memo to the Dean of FGSR explaining the benefits of this appointment to the department/faculty and confirming that the individual understands the grading system and academic standards at FGSR.
  3. An up-to-date CV of the individual. 
  4. Suppport documentation, which includes a letter of support from either individual's employer or a community association (if applicable, for example if the candidate's CV is not adequate).