Official vs Unofficial Documents

What is considered official?


A transcript is considered official if it is received from the issuing institution in a sealed envelope with the official university stamp across the seal. Please see example.

Letter of Reference:

A letter of reference is considered official if received through our secure link system via the online application, if received in a sealed envelope with signature across the seal, or if received by email from the referees’ institutional or professional email address.

Test Scores/WES:

Test scores received directly from the testing centre and WES evaluations directly from WES are considered official.

What is considered unofficial?

  • Notarized documents
  • Examination results (this is not the same as an official transcript)
  • Documents which are not in stamped or sealed envelopes
  • Non-official photocopies
  • Reference letters received by email from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN or other free e-mail
  • Copies of test scores or WES evaluations from applicants