Transcipts and Degree Certificates


An official transcript will be required for all formally accepted students and is required to be sent directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina prior to eligibility for registration. Declaration and submission of all post-secondary institutions you have previously attended regardless of a degree awarded is required. This includes any institution from which you may not have completed a degree from or have received transfer credits, etc.

Submission of University of Regina transcripts is not required.

We strongly recommend International applicants use World Education Service (WES) to have your transcripts and degree certificates evaluated/submitted. Please order the “ICAP - course by course evaluation” which includes copies of original transcripts and comprehensive comparisons.

Some programs require a WES evaluation. Please see the Documentation page.

If you do not go through WES, all transcripts and degree certificates must be received in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research directly from the institution in sealed envelopes, and endorsed by the institution with signature or seal over the closure. Certified photocopies are acceptable if endorsed by the issuing university and sent in a sealed, endorsed envelope. (This option is not available to programs that require WES).

If your transcript does not indicate that the degree was awarded, ensure your university includes an endorsed copy of your degree certificate along with the transcript. The transcript indicates a degree is awarded when it clearly contains the name of the degree awarded (eg: Bachelor of Arts) and the full date of the award (eg: April 30, 2021). A date of passing an examination does not constitute clear indication that a degree has been awarded.

If your University regularly issues transcripts in a language other than English, please send all academic records in the original language, accompanied by certified English translations. The issuing university must endorse and seal both the original language document and the translated document in order to be considered official. Only the issuing university can endorse the translation; the translator may not endorse the transcript.

Chinese Institutions

Degree certificates should indicate the date the degree was awarded according to the People’s Republic of China regulations.

Indian Institutions

For documents from Indian institutions, please send statements of marks for all years and a degree certificate. Official provisional certificates are acceptable for applicants who have graduated within the last three years who are unable to obtain a degree certificate. Please note:

  • Marks sheets and degrees must be received directly from the university or institution that issues the degree and not from an affiliated college.
  • We do not require consolidated or American-style mark sheets/transcripts.
  • In some cases, we may need a complete record of your educational history including your secondary school exam results.

Courses in progress

If you have courses in progress, or incomplete degrees, if possible, please wait until they are completed before ordering official transcripts. Do not send your official documents until all of your course work is complete and your degree is conferred.

If you have no courses in progress, or unconferred degrees, and can order your official transcripts with your application, that will speed up the processing towards a final offer.