Letter of Reference

Applicants must have two referees submit reference form on their behalf.

Choose referees who know your skills and experience, and can communicate your ability to succeed as a graduate student. References from family members, friends, students, applicants, educational consultants and former or current classmates are not accepted.

Please contact your referees before applying to confirm: (1) Their availability and (2) their institutional or professional email address. We recommend contacting referees well before any application deadlines. The online application will require you to enter the names and institutional email address of your referees.

Reference documents received by email are only official if they come from the referees’ institutional or professional email address, For example, John.Doe@universityofmystate.edu or Jane.Doe@myemployer.com.  E-mails from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN or other free e-mail accounts are unofficial.

Please remind the referee to enter your name in the subject line of the email. Ask that they email the references directly to GradDocs@uregina.ca. For applicants to Business programs, please have the reference forms emailed to levene.admissions@uregina.ca

If the referee sends the reference form by regular mail, ensure your referee seals the envelope securely and signs their signature across the seal of the envelope.

If your referees would like to add a personal recommendation letter, it must be on institution or company letterhead and signed by the referee. These should either be emailed or mailed as above.

All reference forms and other application documents must arrive at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research before any application deadline.