Find A Supervisor

Many programs require connection with a supervisor prior to applying. Please see below:

Thesis based programs

All students who are working on a thesis will need a supervisor. It is advisable to secure a supervisor prior to applying. This is not a requirement, but it is strongly recommended to increase your chances of receiving an offer of acceptance. Review the University website to learn who the faculty members are in each specific area and reach out to discuss opportunities.


Course based programs

Students who are pursuing a course based Masters do not need to secure a supervisor as part of the application process.

Project, Practicum, and other routes

Students who are pursuing a non thesis route (with the exception of course based) will require a supervisor at some point in the program. Some programs require this with the application, some will only require this after in the program for a period of time. It is advised to contact the Program Coordinator to see how each particular unit manages this.


Please note:
Academic units may correspond with applicants concerning the availability of specific classes, research equipment, etc, but not concerning acceptability. Correspondence with a faculty member, department or school does not constitute approval for admission. A faculty member's willingness to serve as the supervisor does not constitute acceptance into a graduate program.