Application Status

Congratulations on submitting an application. It takes a little time to look at your application before we can send it to your Faculty for review.

1) Check your online status

Your application is processed in two steps.

Step one: The Faculty of Graduate Studies will look at your application first to ensure you have all the documents required. This can take one to two weeks.

Use your Login ID and PIN that you used for your application to check if your application is complete

Look at your "Decision Code" online. If it is blank, we are waiting to receive documents. Your application is not complete.

If there is any text in the "Decision Code" the application has all the documents required for review.

Incomplete applications will not be sent to your faculty.

2) Faculty Review

Step two: Faculty Review

Your application will be forwarded to your faculty for review and the "Decision Code" will read "Pending Dep/Fac Review". 

If your program has a deadline, all applications are held until shortly after the application deadline and the "Decision Code" will read "Hold File". 

Application review time is faculty/unit dependent. 

3) Final Review

The Associate Dean reviews your faculty's decision as the final step. Your "Decision Code" will read "Pending Final Review". This review typically takes one week.

4) Decision

The official letter of acceptance/non-acceptance is sent to you from the Dean’s Office of FGSR. The letter is sent to your preferred email address that you identified on your application form. The "Decision Code" online will read "Accepted", "Conditionally Accepted" or "Not Accepted".