International Students

Important Notice

Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) has published new immigration rules for international students.  The new rules will be effective June 1, 2014.  CIC has released detailed information about the new rules and changes.  We strongly encourage you to visit the following CIC website to read through these changes:

For a summary of these changes on CIC's website, please click on the link below:

The University of Regina has been approved as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), and our DLI name is"University of Regina"; our DLI number is  O19425660270

 The process to apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research has been separated into three main categories:

Each category is made up of individual steps you must complete in order to apply.

Minimum Standards of Admission

View the Minimum Standards of Admission for International Applicants if you studied at a university outside Canada. The standards list the grade conversions based on the most common grading scales for your country.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language, you may have to submit proof of English proficiency

Application Deadlines

Some of the deadlines are up to eight months in advance of the start of the program. If you live outside of Canada or need to make visa arrangements, you should submit your application and documents well before the deadline dates.

Most Common Mistake Applicants Make

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Regina receives thousands of applications each year.  An increasing number of these applications contain plagiarism.

Some cultures do not view plagiarism as a problem.  Some may even view it as good scholarship.  In fact, many international schools have no policy or definition of plagiarism.

However, in Canada, plagiarism is a serious academic offence.  Those who commit plagiarism can destroy their academic career at the University of Regina and in Canada.

The penalty for plagiarism found in an application is immediate rejection.  It results in a either a one year or six month ban from graduate studies at the University of Regina.  Many Canadian universities share the names of applicants who submitted plagiarized applications.  Plagiarism may also result in a ban from studies at any Canadian university.

Defining Plagiarism, Examples of Plagiarism and How to Avoid Plagiarism (124 KB) pdf