Media, Art, and Performance (MAP)

Programs Currently Offered:

MAP Interdisciplinary Programs- MA, MFA, PhD

MA in Media and Artistic Research, MFA in Media and Artistic Research

  • Exhibit (MFA)
  • Production (MFA)
  • Performance (MFA)
  • Thesis (MA)

Interdisciplinary PhD in Media and Artistic Research (PhD)


Media Production and Studies - MA, MFA

  • Project (MFA)
  • Thesis (MA)

Music - MA, MMus

  • Performance (MMus)
  • Composition (MMus)
  • Conducting (MMus)
  • Musicology (MA)
  • Music Theory (MA)

Visual Arts - MFA

  • Exhibition

Special Case:
Theatre - MA, MFA

MA = Master of Arts
MFA = Master of Fine Arts
MMus = Master of Music