Programs Currently Offered:

Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Program (CNPP) 

  • Course-based

Two advanced nursing practice roles are recognized in Canada: the clinical nurse specialist and the nurse practitioner.  Clinical nurse specialists provide expert nursing care and play a leading role in the development of clinical guidelines and protocols.  They promote the use of evidence, provide expert support and consultation, and facilitate the system change.  Nurse practitioners provide direct care, focusing on health promotion and the treatment and management of health conditions.  They have an expanded scope of practice and can diagnose, order and interpret diagnostic tests.  They can also prescribe medications and perform certain procedures. (Canadian Nurses Association, 2008)

Aging Studies (Interdisciplinary) - MA, MSc

  • Thesis

PhD in Nursing*

*Special Case Programs: These require additional documentation. In all such cases, arrangements have to be made prior to approval of an admission. Please see the descriptions in the Calendar.

Program Currently Not Offered:
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)