Biochemistry - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis

Biology - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis

Chemistry - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis

Computer Science - MSc, PhD

All applications received starting August 15, 2018 onwards require WES evaluation for international credentials.

  • Thesis
  • Project (MSc)
  • Data Science (MSc) 202130
  • Human-Centred Computing (MSc) 202130

Masters of Health Information Management (MHIM)
(this program is inactive effective immediately)

Geology - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis

Aging Studies (Interdisciplinary) - MA, MSc

  • Thesis

Kinesiology and Health Studies - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis

Mathematics/Statistics - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis
  • Course-based (MSc)

Organization Studies (Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business) - MSc

  • Thesis

Physics - MSc, PhD

  • Thesis

Psychology (Faculty of Arts) - MSc, PhD

  • Master of Science in Psychology (Clinical)
  • Master of Science in Psychology (Experimental and Applied)

* Special Case Programs: These require additional documentation. In all such cases, arrangements have to be made prior to approval of an admission. Please see the descriptions in the Calendar.

MSc - Master of Science, MA - Master of Arts

Programs not accepting applications

Computer Science Course route (MSc) - 202130

Geography - MA*, MSc*, PhD*