Political Science

Graduate Co-ordinator:  Yuchao Zhu, PhD

Faculty Listing

Admission to this program has been postponed until further notice.

Department Description

There is no regular program in Women and Gender Studies. The courses are approved to be used as part of a Special Case program.

The Department of Political Science covers a wide spectrum of interests at the graduate level. There are currently four streams of political study that a student can pursue in the department; Canadian politics, International politics, Comparative politics, and Political Theory

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science (thesis)

PSCI 800 6 credit hours
Elective 8XX* 9 credit hours
PSCI 901 18 credit hours
Total 30 credit hours

*Upon approval of the student's advisor, one of the courses in a student's program may come from a related discipline.


PSCI 800 Seminar (3)
Advanced Study of Selected Theoretical Approaches in Political Science.

PSCI 803 Advanced Seminar on Structures and Process in the Canadian Political System (3)

PSCI 804 Advanced Seminar on Political Issues in Canada (3)

PSCI 812 (412) Advanecd Seminar on Modern Political Theory - continental tradition (3)
This seminar examines the major theoretical concepts and philosophical foundations of the Continental Tradition of Modern Political Theory. The figures examined may include Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

PSCI 813 Advanced Seminar in Political Theory I (3)

PSCI 814 (412; 415) Advanced Seminar in Political Theory II (3)

PSCI 823 Advanced Seminar in the Theory of International Policy (3)

PSCI 824 Advanced Seminar in Foreign Policy (3)

PSCI 825 (425) Advanced Seminar on Selected Topics in Comparative Politics (3)
This seminar examines the main theories in comparative politics as well as compares different approaches to the study of political systems, institutions, policies, cultures and ideologies in different regional and national contexts.

PSCI 833 Advanced Seminar in Public Policy in Selected Regions or States (3)

PSCI 842 (442) Advanced Seminar on Theories of International Relations (3)
This course is a study of the most important theories, approaches, concepts, and debates within the field of International Relations. The course examines the connections between IR Theory and the actual events, both historical and contemporary, of world politics.

PSCI 843 Advanced Seminar on Public Policy Making (3)

PSCI 844 (439) Politics of Health Care (3)
Public health insurance politicized healthcare. The increased conflict between the state and the medical professions and forced political parties to deal with health issues. Healthcare is the focus of ongoing federal-provincial antagonisms, constitutional wrangling and national public debate. The course will examine how the constellation of political forces involved in each of the above areas converged to produce the unique healthcare system which exists in Canada today.

PSCI 845 The Politics of Healthcare Labour Relations (3)
This course covers the evolution of Saskatchewan’s legislative framework for healthcare labour relations in the post World War II period. It will describe the emergence of various employee, employer, and professional associations and assess their relationships to both the government and one another.

PSCI 852 Advanced Seminar on Political Issues in Canada (3)
This course examines various political issues in Canadian political system. Policy areas that will be addressed may include: social, economic, fiscal, environmental, aboriginal people, and labor. Different instructors may choose to concentrate on different policy areas as well as at provincial or federal levels.

PSCI 890AA-ZZ Directed Reading (3)

PSCI 901 Research (1-15)