Women's and Gender Studies

Grad Co-ordinator: Randal Rogers, PhD

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There is no regular program in Women and Gender Studies. The courses are approved to be used as part of a Special Case program.


WGST 800 Feminist Theory (3)
This course is an examination of feminist theory from 1980s until present. Our intention is to examine in detail different epistemological positions and theoretical orientations (with some attention to methodology) such as standpoint, poststructuralism, postcolonialism, queer, and antiracist feminist theories.
Note: Students may receive credit for one of WGST 800 or WGST 880AG.

WGST 801 Queer Theory and Trans Studies: Embodiment and Representation of Gender and Sexuality (3) This course examines sexualities cross-culturally and historically. Subjects such as heterosexuality, homosexuality, heterosexism, transsexuality, so-called sexual deviancy, and gay and lesbian culture are investigated. Included will be an elucidation of sexualities via recourse to social, cultural, and ritual practice.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head.

WGST 802 Women, Feminism and Globalization – Advanced (3)
This course will be an examination of the conditions of women's lives in a global context. Engaging feminist theoretics within postcolonialism, anti-racism and civil rights locations, this course will examine women's issues, poverty, environment, labour, power, etc. and subsequent feminist responses generated from a variety of geo-political locations.

WGST 803 Gender: Theories and Practices (3)
This graduate level course is a comparative investigation of gender/sex ideology. Our endeavor is to isolate and examine gender/sex as a category of analysis and then analyze its deployment through sign-symbol, myth and ritual in varying geographical, historical and cultural location, e.g., modern Eurowest, ancient Greece and Rome, and Africa.

WGST 901 Thesis Research (3-15)
Thesis Research