Visiting and Western Deans' Agreement Students

Visiting Graduate Research Student 

Program Description

Research has become increasingly interdisciplinary and networked, and as well, research equipment has become more specialized and costly. Accordingly, graduate students from one university may seek opportunities to spend time at another university in order to complete or enhance their research. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) encourages graduate student mobility nationally and internationally in order to foster the exchange of ideas, specialized training, research collaboration, and interdisciplinary.

The visiting graduate research student category is available to graduate students who are enrolled in a degree program at an accredited university and who wish to do research at the University of Regina. Visiting graduate research students will be afforded access to basic research services and to basic student services. Access to health and other benefits plans, transit passes, etc. will need to be arranged separately.

Please note that visiting graduate research students may not enroll in, or audit, courses at the University during their stay.

Application, Admission, and Registration

  1. Identify an accredited faculty member at the University of Regina who agrees to host the student during his/her stay.
  2. Application is made to the prospective supervisor who in turn seeks approval from the head of the academic unit, and the corresponding Dean of the Faculty (as may apply)
  3. Complete the Application Package:
  1. If the applicant is sponsored by home institution or any scholarship, please ensure that this is indicated on the application
  2. Once the application is approved, a letter will be sent including University of Regina student ID and program fee payment information
  3. Accepted visiting graduate research students must register in GRST 995 AG each semester they are on campus.

For Domestic Applicants:

Other than incidental fees no other fees apply. Domestic students have to pay the fees through Financial Services once they are on campus.

For International Applicants:

A Program Fee of $400 CDN will be charged for the first semester. If a student stays for more than one semester, a continuing program fee of $200 CDN per semester will apply.      

The Program Fee is to be paid at this time online at Flywire - University of Regina. Once the program fee is received, the FGSR office will provide an official invitation letter, a receipt for the Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Compliance Fee (these two documents are required for a work permit application).

Note: The category of visiting graduate research student is not intended to replace any existing arrangements between institutions.

Visiting students

If you want to take courses at the University of Regina for credit in a graduate degree program at your home institution, you must submit a letter of permission with your application. All visiting international students on a letter of permission from their home institution must provide proof of English language proficiency.

Western Deans’ Agreement

If you want to attend the U of R under the Western Deans' Agreement you must submit a Western Deans’ Agreement Application available from your home institution to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina.

Please note: the university where you are enrolled in a degree program is your home institution. The university where you wish to take a course is the host institution.