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#URGradExperience positions graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for career success with an emphasis on transferable, professional skill development. Essential professional skills, including the ability to translate knowledge to multiple audiences, effective leadership of teams and project management skills, are required in today’s career marketplace. FGSR has set up the iGPS program to coordinate and connect graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to an array of professional skill development opportunities. The iGPS focuses on four areas of professional skill development: Effective Communication, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Enhanced Teaching and Mentorship, and Wellness and EDI competencies.

Elevate your graduate education with non-credit, micro-credential skill-focused certificates including teaching (Graduate Teaching Enhancement Certificate) and other areas. A schedule of all coordinated workshops is available here and on the Grad Digest monthly newsletter. See relevant links and opportunities below:

The iGPS homepage (see below)

Effective communication skills

Professional communication
Knowledge translation/dissemination
Intercultural communication

Entrepreneurship and leadership training

Career readiness/exploration workshops
Project management and IDP program
Leadership program

Wellness and EDI Competencies

EDI training events
Indigenous knowledge
Wellness and self-care

Enhanced teaching and mentorship training

GTA Enhancement certificate
Student mentorship program

Other resources: CTL