Password Manager

Keeping track of your passwords can be hard, but having short, easy to guess passwords can be worse.

Our recommended solution is a simple, but effective, Password Manager application.

By creating a single strong unique passphrase, you can quickly create a secure vault of long, randomized passwords for each site and service you use everyday. This simple change to your authentication habits will make your accounts nearly impossible to hack (with the exception being, someone socially engineering you into giving away your password).

Even if someone gets their clickers on your password manager database file, they will not be able to open it without your password because the file is strongly encrypted with 256-bit AES standards.

Use a password manager to help secure your secrets!

Password Manager Applications

KeePass Password Safe is the industry standard recommendation for all users.

While many competitors exist like LastPass or 1Password, these are all cloud-based, closed source password managers which cost a yearly subscription to access.

KeePass is a free, open-source and most importantly, offline. The codebase for KeePass has been peer reviewed and tested by Cyber Security all around the world, and is considered the best password for anyone who needs to keep their secrets safe.

Recommended KeePass downloads

There are many KeePass client derivatives based off of the original open-source code for all flavours of operating systems.

Desktop Operating Systems

Note: If you do not have administrative rights on your system, please choose the 'Portable' version to download.

Mobile Operating Systems

Note: see the sync guide to quickly transfer your desktop passwords to your mobile device

KeePass Plug-ins

You can extend your KeePass client to make using the password manager easier. You can use these plugins for seamless integration with web browsers, import/export of passwords, and automatically backup your vault.

The plugins can be found at:

KeePass Instructions

Read our KeePass Password Safe instructions  on how to create a database, create password entries, retrieve passwords, and configure the application securely. You can also review our KeePass Sync Guide to get your passwords onto your mobile device easily.

Additionally, you can learn more about the app at the Keepass Help Center, or viewing video tutorials: