Reporting Phishing

It is critical to report any suspicious email as soon as possible. Immediate reporting of suspicious email will help our security team investigate and block sender's email/fraudulent domain to prevent further exploits and reduce the risk of the attack. Other recipients can also be notified.

To better handle phishing incidents, starting October 1, 2022, phishing email will now be reported to

To report phishing, forward suspicious email as an attachment to

How to send email as an attachment in GroupWise:

  1. From an open message, click the drop down arrow next to the “Forward” icon on the toolbarEmail-Attach1.png
  2. Select “Forward as Attachment” from the drop down list.Email-Attach.png
  3. Then select “Send” to send the email to Report.Phishing@uregina.caEmail-Attach2.png
All email sent to will have an automatic response sent.  It will contain the below messaging:


Thank you for contacting  We appreciate each report of a phishing attempt.

This email address is used for members of the University of Regina community to forward received phishing messages to Information Services.

This email address is monitored Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.  Messages received outside of these hours will be triaged according to risk. All reports received will be actioned (i.e. sending email address blocked, phishing portals blocked, recipients notified, etc.).


Next Steps:

1) If you need immediate assistance, please contact IT Support Centre:

2) Do not click on links, attachments, or reply (via email, phone, or text message).

3) Now that the message is reported to, please delete the message from your inbox.

4) If you clicked a link and entered your credentials, please change your password immediately:

-Go to the Information Services homepage at

-Click "Change Password" under Quicklinks on the right side of the webpage.

-Fill out the fields and click "Change Password".

     -Report the potential account compromise to Information Technology Support -Centre .

5) For further information on Phishing, please see the following resources:

-Information on Phishing:

-Information Security Advisories:

6) Please continue to report future phishing attempts to

In your report, please include the email message you are reporting or inquiring about.  This is most easily done by ‘forwarding as attachment’ to


Thank you,

Information Security Office

Information Services, University of Regina



More Information:

Information on Phishing: