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Festival of Creation

Wed., Apr. 2, 2014 7:30 p.m. - Sat., Apr. 5, 2014

Location: RC 176

The University of Regina Theatre Department invites you to share a 'home brew' of new creative work.

This Festival of Creation is an opportunity for students from across the University of Regina Campus to seed, grow and begin to realize a dream of performance - be it a poem, rant, play, music, film or idea.

The four night festival is bright with new ideas and the search for individual expression in the alchemic relationship between the stage and the audience where the ‘raw meet’ of performance and viewing strikes a chord of truth. 

Each of the four evenings showcases three works in development – searching, forward looking, and questioning.

Only over an hour in length and free – coming and join us in this discovery of talent! 

Warning: Some material is intended for mature audiences.

Free Admission.