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Eve Egoyan - Earwitness

Mon., Feb. 23, 2015 7:30 p.m.

Location: Darke Hall, University of Regina, College Avenue Campus

The Lois and Thomas Glenn Visiting Artist for 2015

Talk and Performance:

Earwitness is an umbrella name for projects conceived by Eve Egoyan that explore a hybrid art form, where sound and visual elements become equal creative partners. Eve commissions and programmes works that bridge both arts practices in unique ways, creating new, refreshing and remarkable experiences for her audiences. During her performances of these works Eve invites the public to share in an ever deepening experience of both image and sound and the multilayered relationships between them. Canada has an unusually rich community of artists who work in both image and sound. Inspired by this community, Eve established Earwitness as a parallel stream to her solo piano practice of contemporary composed music.

Eve will be performing Ann Southam's Simple Lines of Enquiry alongside David Rokeby's Machine for Taking Time (duration one hour). This presentation is meeting of two independent works of art; the music and video are not explicitly synchronized, but move through time in compatible ways that enliven each other. Both works involve a process of unfolding - a camera pans across a city and across time; the music explores of the emotional possibilities of a twelve-interval row. Each embraces extreme detail and timeless expansiveness. The held sonorities of the piano link seamlessly to the subtle pan/shift of images through time. They are both gently emotional contemplations of transience; places of remembering and letting go. The stillness and intimacy of Eve’s performance will invite listeners into an environment of deep listening and contemplation.

Admission is Free

For more information about Eve Egoyan, visit her website: