University Theatre - Theatre Rental Rates

University Theatre has a seating capacity of 396 to 425. The rates include general lighting, one podium with the use of a microphone and the use of two dressing rooms.

Note: GST is applied to all listed rates.

Standard Rate

Per Day





Non-Profit Rate

Per Day





Ticket Printing

For both assigned seating and general admission tickets, the cost of printing tickets is:

$50 for the first performance

$30 for each additional performance


You’ll need two or more technicians to ensure your event goes smoothly. Technician shifts are a minimum of three hours long.

Technician Rates

Per Hour

First 8 hours/day


9+ hours/day


Statutory Holiday


Additional Options

Make sure your event is everything you want it to be with these custom features.


Per Day Rate

Additional lighting

Varies with requirements

Wireless lapel or handheld microphone

$40 per microphone

In-house video or data projector and screen


Rosco dance floor


Video Conferencing $200 per day
60" TV Monitor

$130 per day

$390 per week

Professional dual-scaling video switcher $250 per day

Upright or grand piano

(Based on availability)


Theatre Rental Terms (94 KB) pdf

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