Taiwo Afolabi

Theatre Department
Assistant Professor

Office: RC 180
E-mail: taiwo.afolabi@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5519
Website: http://www.taiwoafolabi.com

Research interests
Applied theatre, community engagement, theatre and policing, research ethics, arts leadership, and African cinema.

Dr Taiwo Afolabi holds the Canada Research Chair in Socially Engaged Theatre; Director, Centre for Socially Engaged Theatre (C-SET), and an Assistant Professor at the University of Regina. He is an artist, qualitative researcher, theatre manager, applied theatre practitioner and educator with a decade of experience working across a variety of creative and community contexts in over dozen countries across four continents. He researches, creates works, performs, and teaches at the intersection of performance and human ecology. His research interests lie in the areas of applied theatre and policing, social justice, decolonization, art leadership and management, migration, and the ethics of conducting arts-based research. Dr. Afolabi has co-edited two books and published articles in various books and reputable journals. He is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) and the founding artistic director of Theatre Emissary International.


Doctor of Philosophy (University of Victoria, 2020)
MA (University of Ilorin, 2016)
BA (Hons) (University of Jos, 2011)



2020 - Arts Leadership Training Program for BIPOC in Victoria, BC and Regina, SK—a mentoring program that involves 10 partners.
2017-2020 - The Onion Theatre Project (with Jasmindra Jawanda and the Victoria Immigrant Refugee Centre Society [VIRCS]). A youth refugee theatre project. Funded by the British Columbia Arts Council, the District of Saanich and the University of Victoria.
2017 - Bridging Conversations: An Intercultural and Intergenerational Dialogue (with the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, BC, Canada.
2017 - Reminiscence Theatre for Seniors/Care Givers, Luthercorp, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2016-2017 - Breaking down the fence: Exploring refugee advocacy through applied theatre, Ideafest, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
2016 - Anti-bullying Project, New Immigrants and Victoria Police Department (VPD) (with Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Publications [selected]

• Afolabi, T. (ed.) (2021). West Africa Section. In: A. Breed and T. Prenkti (eds.). The Routledge Companion to Applied Performance. London: Routledge. 75-147 (74 pgs).
• Oyewo, S., Okpadah, S., and Afolabi, T. (eds.) (2020). Committed theatre in Nigeria: perspectives on teaching and practice. Lexington Books. 238 pgs.

Journal articles [peer-reviewed]
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Book Chapters [peer-reviewed]
• Afolabi, T. (2021). “Functional Arts: Theatre Praxis in Burkina Faso.” The Routledge Companion to Applied Performance: Volume 2, edited by Tim Prentki and Ananda Breed, Routledge. pp. 79-83
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Afolabi, T., and Okpadah S. (2020). “Film and campaign against gender-based violence in Africa: a study of Ije” In Locating transnational spaces: culture, theatre and cinema, IATC and University of College of the North (Stephen Ogheneruro Okpadah, Sue Matteson and Prayer Elmo Raj, eds.).
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Conference Presentations [selected]
• Afolabi, T. (22-30 May 2021). Theatre as service: A practitioner’s response to creating work from disruption. A paper presentation at the Singapore Drama Education Association [SDEA] Theatre Arts Conference 2021 - Creative Disruption: Exploring New Ground.
• Afolabi, T. (8 July 2021). Black Lives Matter [BLM] and the Canadian Theatre and Performance Landscape. A roundtable at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research [CATR] Conference.
• Afolabi, T. (August 2020). Film and Cultural Diplomacy in Post-Colonial Africa: Nollywood and the Nigeria Cultural Policy. Paper presented at the Young Researchers Conference on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy, Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policies and Cultural Diplomacy UNESCO Chair. Istanbul, Turkey/Virtual.
• Afolabi, T. (July 2019). Performing border within ethos of displacement: theatre in the forgotten corridor of internally displaced people in Africa. Paper presented at the International Federation of Theatre Research Conference/Congress, Belgrade, Serbia.
• Afolabi, T., (June 2019). The ethics of interruption and circle of conversation: a study of an applied theatre project in Nigeria. Paper presented at the Canadian Association of Theatre Research Conference (CATR), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
• Afolabi, T. (June 2019). Between Movement and Stasis: An Artist’s Field Reflection among Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Canada and Nigeria. Paper presented at the Tri-University Colloquium, Centre for Digital Media/University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
• Afolabi, T., (November 2018). The Bordered Artist: Between Migration and Stasis, Reflection from the Field. Paper presented at the Andrew W. Mellon Conference on Diversity and Inclusion, Queen College, City University of New York, United States.
• Afolabi, T., (March 2016). Reclaiming Word and Redefining Meaning: Investigating Linguistic Relationship between Refugee and Refuge. Paper presented at the “Crisis, Migration, and Performance Symposium’, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), Ireland. Afolabi, T. (accepted, July 2019).

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