Katherine Bird

Michele Sereda Residency in Socially Engaged Practice

Social Work Resident Artist: Katherine Bird

Born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Katherine Bird is fascinated with the complexities of people and nature. Her art reflects a myriad of moments, drawing attention to the energies and synergies of inner and outer experiences.  Her subject matter reveals her propensity for people watching - particularly those she glimpses in passing. While capturing the details of physical appearance and conveying rich hidden narrative, her portraits express individuality and character. In these images, Bird reveals the relationship of individuals to a particular environment, through the physicality of their interactions as well as the nuances of expression and gesture that speak volumes about the attitude that each brings to the world. Her pieces are currently owned by individuals and companies throughout North America and Europe.

For more information on how to participate please contact:

Kathleen Irwin (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research)

Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance