Interdisciplinary Studies

Undergraduate Media, Art, and Performance Courses

Interdisciplinary courses enable you to study themes and ideas from multiple perspectives by working across traditional disciplines.

Broaden your horizons and enhance your knowledge through interdisciplinary courses, such as Indigenous Issues in the Arts, The Forensic Imagination, The Arts and Everyday Life, Introduction to Media, Arts Administration, and more.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Graduate programs in Interdisciplinary Studies in Media, Art, and Performance include a studies-based Master of Arts (MA) and a practice-based Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

In both programs, students are required to complete projects which integrate knowledge from two or three distinct traditional disciplines, one of which must be a Media, Art, and Performance discipline (media production and studies, music, theatre, and visual arts.)

In our programs, traditional skills and specializations are augmented and contextualized by a Media, Art, and Performance perspective and a cross-disciplinary approach. You can expand beyond established disciplinary boundaries to areas such as business, technology and science, social history, pedagogy, and consciousness and identity.

The programs are designed for students who want to pursue innovative projects in a rigorous, intellectual environment that is supported by a flexible framework of coursework and a network of research links to the university community.