Creative Technologies Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Media, Art, and Performance - Creative Technologies Major

Chart your own course in this diverse interdisciplinary program. You will learn to be innovative and adept with new technology and at integrating new mediums. You will gain a new perspective on technology and the arts.

Flexibility is built into the program, so you can choose courses that match your own interests. First, take required courses that provide a broad base of technological skills and theoretical knowledge. Then, choose courses within the concentration that are specific to your interests, such as sound art, hip hop cultures, graphics, and more.

MAP Minor in Creative Technologies

A minor in Creative Technologies will add breadth to your degree. Find out how far your creativity can take you by adding these courses to your program of study.

Professional Placement Option for Senior Students

The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Professional Placement option is an experiential learning course, similar to an internship. It gives students the opportunity to further their knowledge and skill set within an institution related to their major, and at the same time, earn credit towards their degree.
Typically, the placement is off campus. The project or terms of the placement will be developed through consultation between the home department, the student and the institution. Supervision is jointly undertaken by the host institution and a faculty member from the student’s own department.
Students must have completed 60 credit hours and have permission of their Department Head to take part in the program.