Creative Technologies

Fuse your creative and technological interests in a program designed to prepare graduates for this exciting emerging field. Enhance your creativity with the power of technology in this innovative program that is unique in the province. 

Realize. Technology fuels creativity.

Creative Technologies is an interdisciplinary program, linking technology, new media, music, and visual arts. More and more, students and professors are working outside of their traditional creative studies areas. In this program, you will learn to think about technology and the arts in new ways, while working with and studying new media.


Check the course catalogue for descriptions of Creative Technologies courses. Choose from courses in Engineering, Computer Science, and Media, Art, and Performance such as Engineering Graphics, Intermedia, Hip Hop Culture, Sound Art, Electronic Music, Media, Intro to Film production, Animation Software Design, the Tablet Orchestra, Building Interactive Gadgets, and more.


  • Bachelor of Arts – Creative Technologies concentration (BA)
  • Fine Arts Minor in Creative Technologies

There are general Media, Art, and Performance scholarships available.

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