Film Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Film Production

The four-year BFA program begins with an examination of the history, theory and analysis of motion pictures. Students are then introduced to the basics of film and new media production, including scriptwriting, directing, recording, editing, digital imaging and sound. Technical production courses are complemented by courses in media history and aesthetics. Areas such as Canadian, European, Third World and Hollywood cinema are discussed in the context of contemporary media culture.

Continuation in the BFA program is determined on the basis of portfolio, grade point average and an interview that takes place at the end of the first year of study. Students should complete Film 100, Film 200 and Film 251 to be considered.

Graduates are prepared for careers as film and new media artists or as writers, directors, producers and crew members within the film industry. Graduates emerge with world-class skills and knowledge that can take them anywhere they want to go.

Bachelor of Arts – Film Studies Concentration

The four-year BA is a liberal arts degree. Students focus on media studies while developing basic skills of critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, decision-making and communication. With these skills, knowledge, and a strong cultural awareness, graduates pursue careers in areas such as media consulting, journalism, teaching, arts administration, museum studies, advertising and creative writing.

Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons) - Film Studies Concentration

The BA Honours program offers several opportunities for students who have high academic goals. It allows focused concentration in film studies and the development of a major area of expertise. Students engage in independent self-directed study and receive close supervision and mentoring by a faculty member. Graduates are prepared for the careers available to BA graduates, but are also poised to pursue graduate work and careers as university professors, film critics, scriptwriters, curators and historians.

Professional Placement Option for Senior Students

The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Professional Placement option is an experiential learning course, similar to an internship. It gives students the opportunity to further their knowledge and skill set within an institution related to their major, and at the same time, earn credit towards their degree.

Typically, the placement is off campus. The project or terms of the placement will be developed through consultation between the home department, the student and the institution. Supervision is jointly undertaken by the host institution and a faculty member from the student’s own department.

Students must have completed 60 credit hours and have permission of their Department Head to take part in the program.

Certificate in Animation

The Animation Certificate is for any University of Regina students outside of the BFA Film program to gain a grounding in the traditions of film animation. The certificate increases options for students interested in pursuing film animation.

MAP Minor in Film Production

The Map Minor in Film Production allows students to gain basic knowledge of hands-on practice, history, and theory of motion pictures.

MAP Minor in Film Studies

The Map Minor in Film Studies gives students basic knowledge of film and media studies. The minor allows students to develop critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills.