Interdisciplinary Programs

MAP Minor in Arts Administration

A minor in Arts Administration provides an overview of the administrative skills needed to work in arts and culture organizations. It also provides the necessary skills for artists to function as entrepreneurs. The courses can also be applied to further studies in Business Administration. Add breadth to your program and extra value to your degree.

Please note that a minor in Arts Administration is only available to MAP majors.

Bachelor of Arts – Creative Technologies Major (BA)

Chart your own course in this diverse interdisciplinary program. You will learn to be innovative and adept with new technology and at integrating new mediums. You will gain a new perspective on technology and the arts.

Flexibility is built into the program, so you can choose courses that match your own interests. First, take required courses that provide a broad base of technological skills and theoretical knowledge. Then, choose courses within the concentration that are specific to your interests, such as sound art, hip hop cultures, graphics, and more.

Bachelor of Arts - Pop Culture Major (BA)

This course will begin to map the terrain that is Pop Culture. The changing ground of pop culture has been mapped by different theoretical and methodological approaches in ways that are not historically fixed. This course provides an introduction to the theories, practices and evolving legacy of pop culture

Bachelor of Arts - Pop Culture Requirements (570 KB) File

MAP Minor in Creative Technologies

If you are majoring in another study area in MAP, Arts, or Computer Science, a minor in Creative Technologies will allow you to explore this subject area, while adding a unique specialization to your program.

Find out how far your creativity can take you by adding these courses to your program of study.

Minor in Photography

The minor in photography brings together five courses from different areas in MAP: Art History 222 Critical Histories of Photography; Film 205 Black and White Photograph; Art 223 Digital Photography; Film 311 Advanced Photography; and a Fine Arts 402 Theory and Photo-Based Practices. Students will develop an area of expertise that complements any MAP major, or they can add it to a major from another Faculty such as Creative Writing or Journalism.

Certificate in Media, Art and Performance


Certificate in Media, Art and Performance Requirements (570 KB) File