Bachelor of Music – Composition, Comprehensive, History, and Performance Majors

Pursue your musical passion within a close-knit community of inspiring and accomplished composers, performers and historians dedicated to their craft, their colleagues and their students.

The four-year Bachelor of Music degree program provides excellent preparation in the fields of performance (vocal or instrumental), composition, or comprehensive music. Private studio lessons help students develop their technique and artistry. Individual study is complemented by courses in the history, analysis and theory of music that cover historical and contemporary music. Courses in conducting and participation in dynamic vocal and instrumental ensembles are a source of valuable practical experience and performing opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts - Music Concentration

Explore your interest in music and prepare for a career that requires writing, research, and analytical skills.

The four-year Bachelor of Arts program in music is a liberal arts degree. It includes studies in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, with a focus on the study, analysis, and history of music. Students are prepared for a range of careers in areas such as music journalism and publishing. Graduates often pursue further degrees in library science, arts administration, or teaching at the secondary or university levels.

Bachelor of Arts Honours - Music Concentration

For students who meet the higher academic requirements, the four-year Bachelor of Arts Honours degree program allows for greater concentration. The program provides more independent study opportunities and close, one-to-one supervision by a faculty member. Students who wish to pursue graduate or advanced professional degrees are encouraged to apply for this program prior to entering the third year of their BA.

Bachelor of Music Education

The four-year Bachelor of Music Education degree is offered jointly by the Faculties of Media, Art, and Performance, and Education. Courses in music, music pedagogy and education complement individual study in an applied area. An extensive internship program, with supervised contact hours in the public school system, is unique to this program. Graduating students are granted the Professional "A" Certificate by the Provincial Department of Education and are qualified for positions as music educators and arts administrators. Students may also pursue a BA in Fine Arts concurrently or after the Education degree.

Bachelor of Arts – Three Year Special in Music

This program is open to students wishing to complete a combined BEd Arts Education/BA (Music) degree. The degrees are taken concurrently, with the three year BA awarded at the same time or after the BEd in Arts Education. It is designed for arts education generalists and elementary music educators.

Core Courses

Designation Description
MUCO Music Composition
MUHI Music History
MUPE Music Performance

Instrumental and Genre Techniques


Music Theory

MAP Minor in Music

Professional Placement Option for Senior Students

The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Professional Placement option is an experiential learning course, similar to an internship. It gives students the opportunity to further their knowledge and skill set within an institution related to their major, and at the same time, earn credit towards their degree.
Typically, the placement is off campus. The project or terms of the placement will be developed through consultation between the home department, the student and the institution. Supervision is jointly undertaken by the host institution and a faculty member from the student’s own department.
Students must have completed 60 credit hours and have permission of their Department Head to take part in the program.

Graduate Study in Music

The Department of Music offers two-year Master degree programs leading to an MMus or MA. The programs allow for study in performance (orchestral instruments, piano or voice), conducting (instrumental or choral), composition, musicology, or music theory. Students accepted into a Masters program are considered for teaching assistantships and scholarships.

Please refer to Graduate Studies for more information.