Graduation and Convocation

Applying for Graduation

You must apply to graduate from your degree program. Deadlines for applications are:

  • January 31st for Spring Convocation
  • July 31st for Fall Convocation

You do not have to attend convocation, but you must apply in order to graduate and obtain your degree.

Please refer to the Registrar’s Office for the application form and instructions.
If you miss the deadline, you can attend convocation the following semester.

Graduation Check

As you near completion of your program, you should apply for a graduation check. We recommend that this be done one year prior to completing your program. This will ensure that you are fulfilling your program requirements and are on track to graduating.


There are specific Grade Point Average requirements that you need to meet in order to graduate in your program. Please refer to the Academic Calendar (209 KB) pdf for details.

Graduation Photos

The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance arranges for a graduation photo sitting in early March of each year. Please watch your email for the times and location. Those who cannot attend may make alternate arrangements with the official photographer. Contact the Student Program Centre for more information.