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Laurie Clune, RN, BA, BScN, MEd, PhD

Associate Professor
Previous appointments: Associate Dean Research and Graduate Programs (term completed 2014)

Office: CW 312.3
Phone: 306-337-3356
Fax: 306-337-8493

Dr. Laurie Clune is the Associate Professor at the University of Regina, Faculty of Nursing. Dr. Clune’s academic credentials include: BA in sociology from Brescia College; BScN with honours from Ryerson University; MEd with a specialization in health professional education from OSIE/University of Toronto; PhD in Nursing Administration from the University of Toronto and a post doctoral fellowship from the Institute for Work and Health. 

The foci of Clune’s research are: issues in health human resources; the health of health care worker; injury management practices in health care settings; the effects of aging and shift work on health care workers; and health care in the home.

Keywords:the health of health care professional, home health care, injury management, the effects of shift work, health systems


 Where the nurse gets hurt: Understanding the social organization of injury. 

This presentation, done at the Society for the Study of Social Problems conference in San Francisco August 17, 2014 highlights the findings from a study that examined the social organization of occupational health and safety (OHS) services in Ontario hospitals, long term care and community nursing agencies.  Findings include: a) Unlike in private industry, health care system funding mechanisms fail to consider money allocation towards employee health, injury prevention and OHS services.  These results in inadequate resources devoted to OHS initiatives in health care and may contribute to high injury and illness rates in these institutions; b) The intention of health promotion activities, such as flu shots, are to protect patients, rather than the health care worker; and c) health care organizations are often mandated by various government agencies to implement workplace safety initiatives, such as over-bed mechanical lifts and workplace harassment strategies.  The costly nature of these mandated schemes depletes OHS monies. 

More information about this study can also be found at:

van Dongen JM, Tompa E, Clune L, Sarnocinska-Hart A, Bongers PM, van Tulder MW, van der Beek AJ, van Wier MF. (2013). Bridging the gap between the economic evaluation literature and daily practice in occupational health: a qualitative study among decision makers in the healthcare sector. Implementation Science, 8, 57. Can be retrieved from:

Letters to the Editor

Clune, L. (1 March, 2016),  Hey, SAHO, value our nurses. Regina Leader Post.  Retrieved from

Research Grants obtained:

  • Dr. Rachel Myers (PI) and Dr. Sean Clarke, Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Dr. Laurie Clune, Ryerson University, Dr. Emile Tompa, the Institute for Work and Health. On the Margins: Understanding the Employment Patterns, Motivations & Outcomes of Nurses Working for Multiple Employers & Temporary Agencies. Funding Source:  Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, $169,532.  (2010-2012).
  • Dr. Laurie Clune - Publication Grant. Funding source: Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University.  $1,500.  (2011).
  • Dr. Emile Tompa (Co PI), Dr. Laurie Clune (Co PI, Ryerson University) Dr. Cameron Mustard, Dr. Ben Amick III, (Institute for Work and Health) Dr. Carolyn Dewa, (Centre for Addictions and Mental Health).  Occupational Health and Safety  Economic Evaluation Resource Needs for the Health Care Sector in Ontario.  Funding source:  The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - development grant. $29,960.  (2010-present).
  • Dr. Kenise Murphy-Kilbride. Co-Investigators: Merhunnisa Ali, Rachel Berman, Isaac Woungang, Susanna Edwards, Marju Toomsalu, Laurie Clune, Sepali Guruge, Robert Cazzola, Community Partner: COSTI Immigrant Services.  Facilitating the Acquisition of Proficiency in English Among Adult Immigrant Women: Filling the Gaps.  Funding source:  Canadian Council on Learning.  $70,000.  (2006-2008).
  • Dr. Laurie Clune - Publication Grant.  Funding source: Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University.  $1,000.  (2003).

Book Chapters:

  • Clune, L. (2013 in press).  Chapter 11: Nursing theory and theorists used in nursing. In The Art & Science of Canadian Nursing:  A Fundamentals Textbook, 1st Canadian Edition. Wolters Kluwer ׀ Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Papers in refereed conference proceedings:

  • Clune, L. (Oct., 2012) Map Making Activities: An approach to collecting and analysing ethnographic data.  2012 Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference, International Institute of Qualitative Research Methodologies, Montreal Quebec. 
  • Clune, L. Myer, R. , Clarke, S. Tompa, E. (March, 2013). Fostering accountability for quality: The challenges and benefits experienced by those working in and alongside nursing resource teams.  Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario 2013 Conference: Toronto, Ontario.
  • Clune, L., Hossman, F. (October, 2012). Whose looking after the nurse’s health? An evaluation of the mission, visions and values of Ontario hospitals.  Third Biennial Bilingual CSSH conference Sociological Contributions to Health Equity. Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health: Ottawa Ontario.
  • Clune, L., & Urban, A.M. (October 2012). Saving money on the backs of nurses: The objectification of nursing work in hospitals. Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference, International Institute of Qualitative Research Methodologies: Montreal, QB.


  • Clune, L. (2013) Peer Reviewer.  Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.  2 articles.
  • Clune, L. (2013) Adjudicator.  RQHR's 6th Annual Research Showcase "Behavioral Research" category.
  • Clune, L. (2014) Peer Reviewer. "Shaping nursing: Towards a methodological framework for appraising nursing policy reports." Nursing Inquiry


  • Clune, L. (2012 – present).  Editorial Advisory Board.  Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.  See


  • Clune, L., Bruce, J., & the Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Development Team.  (Nov, 2013) Self evaluation report on the proposed Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) Program for the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association.
  • Clune, L. (June 1, 2013) Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Saskatchewan Patient Oriented Research Writing Group.  Report for CIHR.


  • Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research, Faculty of Nursing - University of Regina
  • Associate Professor, University of Regina
  • Professional Affiliate, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology
  • Scientist, Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network
  • Member, Academic Leadership Group, U of R
  • Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Commitee, U of R
  • Lead Writer, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Accreditation report, U of R site
  • Member, Nursing Administrative Team, U of R
  • Co-Chair, Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Committee, U of R
  • Chair, Research Committee, Faculty of Nursing, U of R
  • Member, Faculty of Nursing Council, U of R
  • Member, University Research Committee, Faculty of Nursing representative
  • Member, Academic Leadership Group, U of R
  • Chair, Appointed by the Dean, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Accreditation
  • Member, Council Committee on Undergraduate Admissions & Studies (CCUAS)
  • Member, Master's of Health Development Team, U of R
  • Member, Business Administration Faculty Council, U of R
  • Member, Research Integrity Policy, U of R
  • Chair, Undergraduate Research Internship Program, U of R
  • Member, Distance & Distributed Learning Committee, U of R
  • Member, Joint Communications & Marketing Committee, U of R
  • Member, Council Committee on Research, U of R
  • Member, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, SPOR Initiative
  • Member, Canadian Information in Health Research Advisory Group
  • Member, Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health Advisory Group
  • Member, Saskatchewan Centre for Clinical Intelligence & Patient Oriented Research (SCCIPOR)
  • Member, Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network (CHHRN) - nationally

Honors & Awards:

  • Clune, L.   (2013)  The Order of Mary Ward.  This award is bestowed upon a person who can serve as a role model to the students of Loretto schools and has made a significant contribution to the spiritual, academic or material welfare of the schools.  Presented by The Loretto Alumnae Association - Toronto, Ontario.