Alexandra Hodson, RN, MN, CCNE

Instructor III

Office: CO 111.33
Phone: 306-664-7396

Alexandra Hodson graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan. In 2017 she obtained her Masters of Nursing where her thesis was related to the experience of family caregivers of individuals with heart failure. Her nursing practice has included Surgical, Medicine, Home Care, Cardiology, Long term care and Palliative Care. Her philosophy of teaching is focused around creating a student centered classroom environment using innovative approaches that encourage students to take ownership of their own learning.

Peer Reviewed Grants and Awards:

Merit Award for Sustained Performance University of Regina 2022

SCBScN Collaborative Grant $5000

Impact of a Community of Support on BIPOC Students in the Regina SCBSCN Program University of Regina 2022

SCBScN CNPP Collaborative Grant

Nursing student lived experiences of COVID-19 pandemic ($5000) University of Regina 2020


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Laczko, D., Hodson, A., Dykhuizen, M., Knipple, K., Norman, K., & Hand-Cortes, P. (2022). Nursing students experiences’ of mental wellness during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A phenomenological study. Teaching and Learning in Nursing (in press).

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Feature Story: Video exam project brings nursing class together, while teaching and learning from home.


Qualitative Analysis Conference and Couch-Stone Symposium (St. Johns, Newfoundland)      

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