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Elise Matthews, RN, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: Saskatoon, Innovation Place, Concourse Building, Room CO 111.25
Phone: 306-664-7393
Fax: 306-664-7131


PhD in Culture, Health, and Human Development, Saskatchewan, 2016
BScN, Saskatchewan, 2004

Areas of Expertise:

Program of research focus:

  • Family experiences of childhood disabilities, including adaptation and service access.
  • Impacts of childhood trauma and parental mental health/substance use disorders.
  • Critical approaches to conceptualizing “culture” in nursing education.
  • Interpretivism (phenomenology, hermeneutics) and critical inquiry.

Teaching focus:

  • Mental health, counselling, family health, childhood and lifespan development
  • Health literacy, health education, health promotion, community nursing
  • Research methods (graduate and undergraduate)

Council on Nursing and Anthropology:


Matthews, E. J. (Principle Investigator). Co-Investigators: Beatty, B., Desjardins, M., Gelech, J., Montgomery, H. M. Partner: L. Isnana, QBOW Child and Family Services. RRUN - Recognizing Resilience and Understanding Needs: Family Experiences of Childhood Disability in First Nations Communities in Saskatchewan. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Partnership Development Grant, 2020-2022, $200,000.

Selected Publications:

Matthews, E. J., Gelech, J., Graumans, R., Desjardins, M., & Gelinas, I. (2020). Mediating a fragmented system: Partnership experiences of parents of children with neurodevelopmental and neuromuscular disabilities. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities.

Matthews, E. J. (2020, May). CONAA connects virtually during the 2020 pandemic. Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter.

Gelech, J., Desjardins, M., Matthews, E. J., Graumans, R. (2017). Why don’t working relationships change? The need for a new approach to disability partnership research and reform. Disability and Society, 32(2), 176-192.

Matthews, E. J., & Puplampu, V. (2019). Strategies of adaptation among parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders in Saskatchewan. Society for Applied Anthropology and Council on Nursing and Anthropology Annual Meeting, March 2019, Portland, Oregon, USA. Journal of Global Qualitative Nursing Research:

M. Desjardins, R. Graumans, I. Gelinas, and H. Lefebvre (Eds.) (2013). [E. Matthews, chapter author]. Research report for the The social inclusion of people in a situation of incapacity: Intra and intersectorial partnerships facilitating the sharing of rehabilitation knowledge. Report on the Saskatoon partnership project. ISBN: 978-09920281-0-7.

Matthews, E. J. (2019). Seeking an ethics of care: Adult relational process after childhood maltreatment and parental mental health disorders. In M. de Chesnay & B. A. Anderson, Caring for the vulnerable: Perspectives in nursing theory, practice and research (5th edition) (pp. 187-196). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN: 978-1284146813.

Matthews, E. J., & Desjardins, M. (2019). Transmission of the good family life: Family formation meanings after childhood maltreatment. The Journal of Family Violence.

Matthews, E. J., & Desjardins, M. (2017). Remaking our identities: Couples’ experiences of Voluntary childlessness. The Family Journal. 25(1), 31-39.

Matthews, E. J., Clune, L., Luhanga, F. (Submitted 2020). Risks and rewards: A critical integrative review of cultural immersion international learning experiences for nursing students.

Puplampu, V., & Matthews, E. J., Puplampu, G., Gross, M., Pathak, S., & Peters, S. (2019). The impact of seniors’ cohousing on older adults’ quality of life. The Canadian Journal on Aging, 39(3).

Matthews. E. J. (2016). Risk, relationality, and reconciliation: Experiences of reproductive decision-making after childhood maltreatment (Doctoral dissertation). ORCID 0000-0002-3695-2746. Link: