david Gregory, RN, PhD

Professor and Founding Dean

Office: Research and Innovation Centre, Room 508.9
E-mail: nursing.dean@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5608
Fax: 306-337-8493

Dr. Gregory is Founding Dean, Faculty of Nursing, University of Regina.  Dr. Gregory received the title of “Dean Emeritus” from the University of Manitoba in June 2011.  Prior to his arrival on April 1, 2011, Dr. Sheila Dresen served as Acting Dean and ensured a solid foundation upon which to develop the Faculty of Nursing.  Dr. Gregory comes to the University of Regina from the University of Lethbridge.  david has two Jack Russells, Daisy and Dingo.  He is an avid reader of Canadian fiction and enjoys gardening.

Recent publications (2010 – 2012):

  • Gregory, D., Morrison, Z., Thibodeau, S. (Under Review). Recruitment Strategies for Non-Clinical Qualitative Research Involving Overweight Adolescent Boys, The Qualitative Report.
  • Morrison, Z., Gregory, D., Thibodeau, S. (Under Review). “Thanks for using me” Exit Strategy as Harming Overweight Adolescent Boys in a Qualitative Study, Qualitative Inquiry.
  • Vukic, A., Gregory, D., & Martin-Meisner, R. (2011). Aboriginal and Western Conceptions of Mental Health and Illness. Pimatiswin Journal.
  • Tavafian, S., Aghamolaei, T., Gregory, D., Madani, A. (2011). Prediction of Seat Belt Use among Iranian Automobile Drivers: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Health Belief Model. Traffic Injury Prevention 12(1):48-53.
  • Belanger, Y., Gregory, D., Fiske, J (2010). “Building Inclusive Neighbourhoods: Challenging NIMBY in Lethbridge.” In Celebrating Diversity: Building a Welcoming Community and Inclusive Community. Pp.64-68. Lethbridge: Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD) Lethbridge.
  • Novotny, P., Smith, D., Guse, L., Rummans, T., Hartmann, L., Alberts, S., Goldberg, R., Gregory, D., Johnson, M., & Sloan, J. (2010). A pilot study assessing social support among cancer patients enrolled on clinical trials: A comparison of younger versus older adults. Cancer Management and Research, May, 133-142.
  • Gregory, D., Harrowing, J., Lee, B., Doolittle, L., & O’Sullivan, P. (2010). Nursing Pedagogy as Contributing to Essentialized Understanding of Culture Among Undergraduate Nursing Students. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 7, Article [On-Line].
  • MacKay, L., & Gregory, D. (2010). Exploring family-centered care among pediatric oncology nurses. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing. DOI: 10.1177/1043454210377179 Available online at: http://jpo.sagepub.com/content/early/2010/11/05/1043454210377179.full.pdf+html
  • Evans, J., Frank, B., Oliffe, J., & Gregory, D. (In Press). Health, illness, men and masculinities (HIMM): A theoretical framework for understanding men and their health. The Journal of Men’s Health.
  • Fiske, J., Belanger, Y., & Gregory, D. (2010). Outsiders in their homeland: Construction of Aboriginal women and citizenship. UCLA American Indian Culture and Research Journal.


  • Gregory, D., Raymond, C., & Patrick, L. (In Development; under contract). The Art and Science of Canadian Nursing: A Fundamentals Textbook. Publisher = Lippincott; Publication Date = 2013.

Book Chapters:

  • Wasekeesikaw, F., Gregory, D. (2011). Health—Access to Services. Funded by the Assembly of First Nations ($6,000.00) Chapter commissioned by the AFN Regional Health Survey.
  • Yanicki, S., Gregory, D., & Lee, B. (2011). Exploring Gambling Behaviours among Aboriginal Peoples: A Critical Socioecological Model. In Belanger, Y. (ed.). First Nations Gaming and Gambling in Canada: Perspectives Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press.

Research and Grants obtained:

  • Katz, A., Kinew, A., Gregory, D., Lavoie, J., et al.  Innovation in Community Based Primary Healthcare Supporting Transformation in the Health of First Nations and Rural/Remote Manitoba Communities.  IPHIT Grant (CIHR); Funded: $2.5 million, 2013-2017.
  • Ferzacca, S., Gregory, D., Belanger, Y. An Assessment of the Use and Efficacy of Communications Technology in Developing and Maintaining Networks in Rural Communities of Southern Alberta. Funded by: Alberta Rural Development Networks, $10,000.00 [2010-2011].
  • Harrowing, J., Gregory, D., Lee, B., Dolittle, L. Awareness and Understanding of Cultural Safety among University Students,Funding Agency: University of Lethbridge, Internal-SSHRC funds, $8,791.
  • Scruby, L., Ferguson, L., Gregory, D. Promoting Community Capacity: Exploring relationships between a faith-based organization and a community health centre; Funding Agency: University of Manitoba, Internal SSHRC Funds, $1,335.
  • Conley, D., Irby, C., Moland, M., Gregory, D. “Grow Along with Me”, Early Child Development Initiative for the Chinook Health Region, Alberta Health and Wellness, $2.3 million [2007-2010].
  • Gregory, D. Against the Odds: An Update on Aboriginal Nursing in Canada, CASN/Health Canada, $25,000 [January to March, 2007].
  • Belanger, Y., Gregory, D., Fiske, J., Rippollo, K. Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Perspectives on Housing Needs and Barriers to Affordable Housing. SSHRC, SRG, $106,500 [July 2008-July 2011].
  • Gregory D., Regional Centre for Urban Aboriginal Research. Aid to Small Universities. $60,000 [2008-2010]
  • Gregory, D. Patient Safety: Where is Nursing Education? Health Quality Council for Albertans (HQCA), Student Researchship, $5,000 [2008].
  • Frank, B., Evans, J., Gregory, D., Oliffe, J., Divine, D., & Lavallee, B. Masculinities and Health Among Men Aged 18 to 60. Nova Scotia Health Services Research Foundation, $100,000 [2008-2010].
  • Gregory, D. Against the Odds: An Update on Aboriginal Nursing in Canada, CASN, $25,000 [January to March, 2007].
  • Gregory, D., Katz, A., DeLeon Demare, J, MacDonald. Understanding the Work of Nurse Practitioners: Exploring Discourse, Transactions, and Actions with Patients through Videotape Analysis, SSHRC ($118,000). [2006-2011].
  • Cohen, B., Gregory, D. An Analysis of Community Health Nursing Clinical Courses in Canada. Faculty of Nursing Endowment Fund ($10,000) [2006].
  • Frank, B., Evans, J., Divine, D., Gregory, D., Oliffe, J. Men, Masculinities and Health Research Network (Core Team Member), Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Institute of Gender and Health, ($10,000).
  • Gregory, D., Guse, L., Davidson Dick, D., Russell, C. Researching Patient Safety from and Education-Systems Perspective. Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety ($10,000) [2005-06].
  • Gregory, D., Grant, K., Elias, B. Self-Determination and the Swampy Cree Tribal Council: A Case Study Involving Nursing Education in Northern Manitoba. Centre for Aboriginal Health Research (CAHR), ($20,000).
  • Evans, J., Frank, B., Gregory, D. Contradictions and Tensions in the Lives of Men: Exploring Masculinities in the Numerically Dominated Professions of Nursing and Elementary School Teaching. SSHRC ($130,000). [2003-2006].
  • Care, D., Gregory, D. Courtenay, M.,Russell, C. The Experiences and Impact of Learning with Distance Technology Among Aboriginal Nursing Students in Manitoba. SSHRC ($150,000). [2003-06].
  • Hiebert, S., Gregory, D., Russell, C. (Consultant). An Epidemiological-Qualitative Study in Collaboration with God’s Lake Narrows First Nation on Tuberculosis and Strategies for Eliminating Tuberculosis in this Community. Health Canada, Office of the Chief Scientist, $80,000 [2001-03].
  • Russell, C., Cashion, A., Hoeldtke, R., Howard-Fain, T., Paterson, B., Thorne, S., LeFort, S., Gregory, D., Velasquez, P (Principal Investigator). Symptom Self-Care, Self-Care Decision Making, Oxidative Stress and the Effects of Vitamin E on Peripheral Nerve Function of Patients with Type 1 Diabetes. $10,450 USD from the College of Nursing Research Development Fund, 2001-02, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Nursing.
  • Schellenberg, J., Ormond, M., Gregory, D., Johnson, K. (Principal Investigators). Youth & STD/HIV Prevention Project. Funded by the Manitoba Regional Health Authority; Sexuality Education Resource Centre [2001-03].
  • Russell, C., & Gregory, D. [Consultants]. Wylie, J., Jolly, A [Principal Investigators] and Heaman, M., Elliott, A. [Co-investigators]. Winnipeg Injection Drug User Study: Integrating Social Network and Genetic Data for Program Planning and Delivery. Hepatitis C Division, Health Promotion and Programs Branch, Health Canada, $100,000. [2000-02].
  • Payne B, Gregory, D. Grant, K.  Women’s Caring Work in the Context of Manitoba Health Reform. Funded by the National Network on Environments and Women’s Health (NNEWH) ($28,886.00).
  • Naimark, B., Gregory, D., Ready, L., Giesbrecht, G. Physical Activity and the Perimenopausal Hot Flush. Funded by the University of Manitoba Research Development Fund ($12,803.00).
  • Payne, B., Grant, K., Gregory, D. Caring in an age of health care reform: Assessing the impact on women’s roles and quality of life. Strategic Grants Commission, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, ($55,000.00); 1998-2001.
  • Campbell, M., Gregory, D., Velnes, J. Mealtime in the Home: The Experience of Caregivers and Persons Living With Alzheimer’s Disease. Funded by the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada ($18,000.00); 1998-1999.
  • Gregory, D. (Research Consultant) Alcohol and MSM Demonstration Project: An Integrated Approach to Community-Based HIV Prevention Research, Village Clinic, Funded by Prevention and Community Action Programs, Health Canada.
  • Gregory, D., Russell, C., McCrae, K. Fallen angels: Analysis of disciplinary committee reports, College of Nursing, Ontario, 1986-96. (Unfunded research)
  • Gregory, D., Russell, C. Nurses’ talk about death: Analysis of death review tapes. (Unfunded research)
  • Gregory, D., Patterson, B., Dick, D., Thomlinson, B., Katz, A. Development of a Primary Care Plan for the NOR-MAN Regional Health Authority. Funded by the NOR-MAN RHA ($29,950.19).
  • Community Health Needs Assessment of the LGD of Piney and the Communities of Moose Lake and Buffalo Point First Nation (Unfunded research: community service) Completed.
  • Care, D., Gregory, D., Venkatesh, P., English, J. Male Nurses as Pioneers: Oral Histories of Manitoba Graduates, 1950-1970. Funded: Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses ($1,286.00).
  • Gregory, D., & Russell, C. Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada. Received funding for a book entitled, Cancer Stories: On Life and Suffering. For publication with McGill Queens/Carleton University Press. ($15,000).
  • Gregory, D., Wotton D. Community development: Norway House First Nation. Funded by the President’s Office, University of Manitoba, Outreach Grant Award ($4,135.00).
  • Community Health Needs Assessment of Thompson, Manitoba. Proposal submitted to the Thompson Community Nurse Resource Centre Steering Committee ($31,000.00) Funding declined.
  • Community Health Needs Assessment of St. Boniface and St. Vital. ACTION Research Consortium. Funded: Youville Clinic ($54,000.00)
  • A struggle for equality: Overcoming resistance to the commissioning of male nurses in the Canadian military, 1952-1967. Co-Investigators: Mr. Dean Care, Mr. Peri Venketesh, Professor John English. (Unfunded research).
  • The Lived Experience of Diabetes Among Urban Aboriginal People Diagnosed With Type II Diabetes, Diabetes Research Group, Health Sciences Centre. Funded: Health Sciences Research Foundation, Dolley Gembey Research Grant ($6,500.00).
  • Narratives of Suffering in the Cancer Experience. Funded by the Health Sciences Research Foundation--Dolly Gembey Research Grant, ($5,700.00).
  • Narratives of Suffering in the Cancer Experience. Funded by the Foundation For Canadians Facing Cancer ($2,500.00).
  • Mothers' Suffering: Sons Who Died of AIDS. Conducted a secondary data analysis of a qualitative data base. Application of narrative analysis technique. Tucson, Arizona.
  • Cameron C., Gregory, D., Peters, N. "Elderly Anglo-Canadian husbands as caregivers: Relationship between caregiving and health status". Funded by the Gerontological Research Foundation of Manitoba (Princess Elizabeth Foundation) - $9,156.58, and the Manitoba Association Of Registered Nurses - $2,000.00 Completed 1990.
  • Gregory, D., Hurd, J. Native Health Care Consultants - Pre Transfer Proposal, Health Program Transfer, Gull Bay Indian Band, Gull Bay, Ontario. Community Health Needs Assessment. Funding: Health and Welfare Canada, $4000.00 Completed 1990.
  • External Examiner, B.Sc.(Medicine), Student: Yvon-Rene Gagnon, Thesis Title: Physician's Attitude Toward A Collaboration Between Traditional Healers And The Bio-Medical System.
  • Principal Co-investigator (with Catherine Aquino Russell, R.N., M.N.). Project entitled, "An Exploration of Transcultural Nursing Content in University Schools of Nursing Across Canada". Funded by the University Research Committee of Senate - $1,300.00. Completed.
  • Qualitative data analysis: Expert Working Group on Integrating Palliative Care for Persons with AIDS. Assisted Dr. Lesley Degner in data analysis of the following core areas: legal/financial and interpersonal issues, as part of a national study on AIDS.
  • Master's thesis entitled, "Nurses and Human Resources in Indian Communities: Nurse Perceptions of Factors Affecting Collaboration with Elders and Contact with traditional Healers on Indian Reserves and in Health Centres in Manitoba", University of Manitoba, School of Nursing. Thesis Advisor: Lesley Degner, Ph.D.

Other Funding:

  • Gregory, D., Dyck, N., Butler, L. (2012). Modelling of Clinical Placements for Baccalaureate Nursing Education in Saskatchewan. Funded by Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network ($50,000) and Ministry of Health (SK) ($50,000).

Community/Public Service:

  • Member, SAHSN Regina/Southern Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Advisory Committee
  • Member, SRNA RN (C) and RN (NP) Regulatory Policy Working Group
  • Member, Clinical Practice Education Strategy Committee
  • Member, Northern Nishnawbe Education Council (NNEC)
  • Member, Provincial Nursing Council
  • Board Member, The Irene Nordwich Foundation (Winnipeg)
  • Board Member, AIDS Program of Southern Saskatchewan (APSS)


  • Dean, Faculty of Nursing, U of R
  • Member, Academic Advisory Committee on Copyright (AACC)
  • Member, Academic Review and Development Committee (ARDC)
  • Member, Deans’ Council
  • Member, Executive of Council
  • Member, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Member, Senate
  • Member, University Leadership Team (ULT)
  • Chair, SCBScN Distributed Nursing Education (DNE)
  • Rotating Chair, SCBScN Joint Admissions Committee
  • Member, SCBScN Joint Communications and Marketing Committee
  • Rotating Chair, SCBScN Program Administrative Committee (PAC)
  • Co Chair, SCBScN Program Advisory Council
  • Member, SCBScN Program Steering Committee
  • Rotating Chair, SCBScN Undergraduate Nursing Council

Honors & Awards:

  • 2013 President's Award for Service Excellence - University Spirit Award, University of Regina.  This award is presented to recognize employees for their significant contributions to the University of Regina itself, or for demonstrating outstanding service to the community-at-large.