Official University Social Media Accounts

Category: Governance
Number: GOV-020-035
Audience: All University employees
Issued: July 21, 2022
Revised: July 21, 2022
Owner(s): AVP (University Advancement and Communications)
Approved by: President and Vice-Chancellor
Contact: Director, Marketing and Communications - 306-585-5620


The University of Regina recognizes the important role of social media in building an online presence, fostering connection, enhancing reputation, and sharing information. For the purposes of this policy, the term “social media” is understood to refer to web-based communication tools (e.g. websites, forums, or applications) that enable users to create or share content and/or to interact with others, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

This policy is intended to provide guidance for employees responsible for the creation of content and monitoring and maintenance of University of Regina social media accounts. The purpose of this policy is to confirm the process for creating as well as maintaining the official status of existing sites, and to articulate the standards for the administration of these accounts.

The University of Regina affirms the freedom faculty, staff, and students have to engage in respectful public debate, including via social media engagement, and acknowledges the important role that faculty play in providing public comment about matters within their area(s) of academic and/or professional expertise.

When a student or employee is using a private social media account, and/or acting in an individual capacity, they are not bound by this policy yet are reminded to comply with terms of use (as frequently updated by service providers), and to consistently demonstrate respectful and ethical language and behaviour, including what is outlined in the University’s Code of Conduct and Respectful University policies.

This policy is intended to provide support to faculties and units by establishing a central record of standards and to ensure any and all social media accounts created for the express purpose of officially representing the University of Regina are administered in a way that represents the University in a fair, accurate, and legal manner while protecting the University’s brand, visual identity, and reputation.


University Advancement & Communications (UAC) is responsible for granting approvals to launch new Official Accounts, establishing and communicating parameters and policies regarding day-to-day operations, and maintaining oversight of all Official Accounts. UAC has established the Social Media Governance & Strategy Steering Committee to be responsible for developing, updating, and communicating all social media policies and procedures to advance the University’s vision and strategic objectives. The Steering Committee reports directly to UET, through the AVP UAC, and provides information and direction to all Account Administrators responsible for Official Accounts.

All Official Accounts, the Content contained therein and thereon, and the contacts and connections gained through such accounts are the sole property of the University of Regina.

All Content created for Official Accounts will be considered an Institutional Work, which is understood to include work created at the request of the University, under the specific direction of the University, for the University’s use, by a person acting within the terms of their employment.

All Content submitted, posted or displayed on or through an Official Account is subject to the terms of use of the Service Provider and all applicable University of Regina policies and procedures.


Roles and Responsibilities

University Advancement & Communications (UAC) will:

  • Provide support to deans and directors regarding Official Accounts
  • Establish and communicate standards and best practices related to the creation and operation of Official Accounts
  • Monitor and evaluate Official Accounts to maintain an active inventory
  • Maintain a record of account access information provided by Account Administrators
  • Provide guidance and instruction to Account Administrators with respect to maintaining Official Accounts and coordinating social media efforts across the institution
  • In consultation with the appropriate dean or director, UAC will revoke or transfer an Account Administrator’s access and administrative responsibilities with respect to an Official Account, as is required

Deans and Directors will:

  • Identify Official Accounts and Account Administrators to UAC
  • Work with UAC in the creation of an Official Account for the faculty/unit

Account Administrators will:

  • Obtain the required approval for the creation of an Official Account from UAC, in consultation with the appropriate dean or director
  • Maintain secure and accurate records of account credentials/access information (including user names and passwords for any Official Accounts), and share these, including any subsequent updates with the Social Media Officer in UAC
  • Monitor and maintain an Official Account
  • Take prompt action to address any identified corrections/improvements as noted by UAC and their dean or director
  • Adhere to University brand guidelines as outlined in the Visual Identity Guide available on the University website
  • Ensure all Content posted to Official Accounts complies with University standards and policies including, but not limited to, the Respectful University Policy
  • Ensure all Content complies with copyright/trademark requirements and Content “permissions” for images/stock photography, including the University’s Copyright Materials Policy as well as Canadian laws governing fair dealing
  • Ensure all privacy obligations are met under the University’s Web Privacy and Legal Disclaimer, the University’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Policy, and ultimately, the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • As necessary, work with Service Providers and UAC to have Non-Authorized Accounts and/or Orphan Accounts created for their University Department transferred to their authority or disabled/discontinued

Employees will:

  • Obtain written approval/authorization from their dean or director before they request permission from UAC to create an Official Account
  • Obtain approval from the Account Administrator before they post any Content to an Official Account

Consequences for Noncompliance

Account Administrators who do not ensure that Official Accounts created for their University Department are maintained following best practices and the Standards may have their access to these accounts revoked.

University Units who do not (through their Account Administrator or otherwise) reasonably work with Service Providers to have Non-Authorized Accounts and/or Orphan Accounts for the University Department transferred to their Account Administrator’s authority or disabled/discontinued will be responsible for costs incurred by the University to gain access to and control over such accounts and/or to have such accounts disabled/discontinued. 

Employees who create an Official Account without the proper authorization, or who create a Non-Authorized Account, may face disciplinary action.

Account Administrators who do not ensure that all pertinent access information is securely maintained and shared with UAC may be personally responsible for costs associated with retrieving this information and/or disabling the Official Account.


Request for Approval to Launch a New Official Account

  1. In consultation with the appropriate dean or director, complete this form (requires login to URSource) and send to UAC at UAC will respond within 10 business days.

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