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University of Regina Policy

Donating to or Sponsoring External Groups and Causes

Audience:All University employees
Issued:January 23, 2002
Revised:December 12, 2023
Owner(s):VP (Administration)
Approved by:Board of Governors
Contact:Associate Vice-President (Finance) - 306-585-4047


The University of Regina promotes itself as a supporter in the community, and because of this the University is often asked for promotional items, gifts in kind, or monetary donations to various charitable, not-for-profit and political organizations.  


The University is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity that receives donations; therefore, as specified by the Canada Revenue Agency, University funds may not be used for donations to other not-for-profit, political or charitable organizations except as follows in the next section.

Allowable Financial Contributions to Not-for-Profits or Charities

  • Community events that support education, research and/or the cultural development of our community may be supported subject to budget and/or merchandise availability. 
  • Academic and administrative units may pay for items like corporate tables at fundraising events where it is important for the University to be present and show their support, but not if it is to benefit a federal, provincial or municipal political group. See GOV-030-012 Political Donations and Sponsorships.
  • Tickets to fund raising events may be charged to an APEA (Accountable Professional Expense Account) where the event is related to the individual's responsibilities or directly supports a fundraising event for the University.
  • APEA funds may be donated to any internal University of Regina cause, including scholarship accounts, operating accounts, research accounts, fundraising campaigns, etc.  The transfer must be to a Banner FOAPAL over which the APEA donor does not have signing authority.  Charitable donation receipts cannot be issued for APEA donations in accordance with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) policies.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action and the requirement to refund the University for the donation or expense.

Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the Associate Vice-President (Finance).  Exceptions are rare since most charitable donations are personal decisions that should be made with personal funds, not University funds.


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