Food Services

Category: Operations
Number: OPS-100-005
Audience: All University employees and External Clients
Issued: February 01, 2002
Revised: July 04, 2017
Owner(s): AVP (Student Affairs)
Approved by: Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Contact: Director, Student Affairs Operations - 306-585-4073


The University of Regina supports the general principle of building community and fellowship. The University must also ensure that regulations of health and safety are observed for the well being of all, University contracts are maintained and investments in facilities and equipment to provide food services are maintained.

A professional body of knowledge related to food operations, handling and safety is required to administer the specialized functions associated with a food service operation of the size and complexity existing at the University of Regina. To engage such expertise, through an open tender process, the University has selected and contracted with Compass Group of Canada Ltd. (Chartwells) to operate and manage University Food Services.

Patronizing the University Food Service operations supports the University and the associated investment in capital equipment and space, and assists in making the provision of these services a financially viable operation for the benefit of students, faculty and staff of the University. A list of University of Regina Food Services locations is available here:


University Caterers are required to provide food and beverages on campus property and/or when purchased with University administered funds. Due to health regulations, any foods agreed to and provided by a caterer must remain on campus after the event is completed. As well, to ensure control and food safety the caterer must be the sole supplier of food and drink at an event.

Off-campus caterers are not permitted access to University controlled space for the purpose of providing catering services. Such restricted access not only includes events where remuneration for the catering services is to occur, it also includes events where no monies will be exchanged as in a sponsored event. The existing independent caterers on campus may do so only in their own spaces.  Any exceptions to this policy will be determined on a case-by-case basis jointly between the University and University Food Services considering existing contracts, collective agreements, health regulations, and other University policies.

Using University Funds

If University administered funds are used to pay for catering services on campus, University caterers (University Food Services; The Owl; Luther Food Services) must be used exclusively.

Potluck Functions

A group within the University (faculty, staff or students) no larger than 30 attendees may wish to have a private event like a potluck or a gathering in which the food is paid for by collection of personal contributions.  A Potluck Function may be deemed private if an entire list of names of all guests can be produced if requested.  Potluck Functions at the University fall under this Policy and must conform to the guidelines contained herein:

  1. Potluck Functions are allowed only for private departmental staff functions or when the food is prepared and served by volunteers of a student organization for a private event organized and controlled by that student organization. Potluck Functions are not open to the public and are limited to 30 invited persons (faculty, staff or students) or less. Any function involving an invitation to the public must be catered in accordance with this Policy.
  2. Authorization to have a Potluck Function on campus for more than 30 persons must be obtained from the Director, Student Affairs Operations or his/her designate prior to the date of the event.

The University will not be liable for any illness, allergic reaction, or injury that occurs in relation to the consumption or handling of food at a Potluck Function.

Special Gatherings (e.g. Feasting)

All special gathering celebrations – cultural and/or religious – held on University grounds must be jointly approved by Public Health Inspector from Regina Qu’appelle Health Region and Director, Student Affairs Operations or his/her delegate. Guidelines in seeking approval are as follows:

  1. All meat (including wild meat) must be inspected federally, provincially or locally. The organizer of the special event would be required to produce appropriate documentation that meat was “inspected” and “from an approved source”. 
  2. All special gatherings would be considered “public” functions versus “potluck” functions and must adhere to the University policies outlined above.
  3. Organizers of all approved special gatherings if held on campus may request access to space (kitchens and serveries) operated by University Food Services provided they have a qualified on-site staff member trained in advanced food safety to provide supervision and oversight. Quality assurance (safe food handling) and physical safety would also be required. A cleanup fee plus a labor fee associated in having a qualified on-site staff member will be charged to organizers of the special gathering.

Off-Campus Catering

For events at off-campus locations in Regina, using University administered funds to pay for catering services, wherby the off-campus location does not have the capability of providing food services or would allow outside catering to be utilitized at the off-campus location, the University caterers may be provided the contract for food service requirements waiving the competitive bid process. University caterers may be able to offer on-campus solutions or cater the function at the off-campus location. Off-campus catering for small dinners (<20 guests) at the home of the University President may be selected at the President's discretion.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Employees who do not comply with this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. External parties in noncompliance will be asked to discontinue their activities on campus. Student groups in noncompliance with this policy may be required to appear before the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) under the Non Academic Misconduct Policy.


To apply for an exemption to the Food Services Policy, email the Manager of Hospitality & Consumer Services ( with detailed information pertaining to your request; name of event, number of people consuming food, location, date, funding sources, etc. Please allow two weeks for processing of requests.

If you would like more information regarding provincial health and safety guidelines, please contact the Public Health Inspector at 306-766-7755 or

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