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Tax Information

Please note that the University of Regina does not provide tax advice.  The following information is provided to assist you.  To find out more about tax credits and your eligibility, you should consult a tax professional or the Canada Revenue Agency.

There are a number of tax benefits available to full-time and part-time students.  The University issues a number of tax forms that you can use when submitting your income tax to take advantage of these benefits. These include:

T4A:  Form T4A is issued to students who receive scholarships, awards and bursaries. This form is mailed at the end of February each year.

T2202A:  Form T2202A shows how much tuition was paid each calendar year and the number of months that you attended during the year.  This form is available for download from UR Self-Service at the end of February.

Detailed information regarding tax forms is available from the Financial Services Web site

Graduate Retention Program

Once you complete your program you may be eligible for Saskatchewan's Graduate Retention Program, a refundable income tax credit rebating up to $20,000 of tuition fees.

Need Help?

The federal government's Community Volunteer Income Tax Program provides resource to assist you with completing and filing your tax return.

There is also a student club on campus who will help you fill out your tax forms.  Enactus offers a free Financial Solutions program that teaches students how to fill out their tax forms.  If you need help this is a great resource for you.  You can visit the website for more information.