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Dr. Orland Hoeber
Department Head


Do you want to have a career in computing? The University of Regina's Department of Computer Science can take you there. Computing is a growing field with exciting challenges and opportunities. Not only does every business, large and small, need a website, a network, and computer resources, Computer scientists are central to many other fields, from developing video games to driving the Mars Rover to CT-scans in hospitals to predicting the weather.

At the University of Regina, you will learn how to program computers for simple and complex tasks; you will learn about computer graphics and animation; you will get to play with robots, and design computer chips from the lowest detail to the big picture. You can learn how the internet works and why computer viruses spread so fast. You can learn how to use new controllers and devices, like the Nintendo Wii remote, to make your computer do cool new things, and you can learn how video games are designed and maybe even make your own.

Do you want to know how musicians use computers to write music? How physicists use computers to track microscopic particles? How police use computers to catch criminals? How geologists use computers to find new sources of oil? How climatologists use computers to predict global warming?

You can learn all this and more with a degree from the University of Regina's Department of Computer Science. Apply today!

If you are interested in advanced study, we also offer a wide range of graduate programs. These include a Ph.D. program, and three different types of M.Sc. programs: thesis, project, and course-based.


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