After a M.Sc. in Computer Science, the Ph.D. program consists of at least 9 credit hours of course work and 51 credit hours of research resulting in the presentation of a substantial thesis. In addition, the student is required to give two non-credit CS seminar presentations. Successful completion of the Ph.D. course requires a minimum of three (3) full years.

Ph.D. Summary (After M.Sc.)

Courses* 9 credit hours
Research 51 credit hours
Two CS seminar presentations (CS 900) 0 credit hours
Total: 60 credit hours

* A minimum of 9 credit hours of course work are required, and course selection must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Courses must be chosen in consultation with the supervisor or co-supervisors
  • Only one course may be taught by the supervisor or co-supervisor
  • Only one course may be a directed reading

Supervisory Committee

The major portion of the Ph.D. program consists of original research under the direction of a Supervisory Committee. The supervisory committee is described on the Graduate Program / Graduate Theses / Supervisory and Examination Committees section of the website.